T3 Racing’s M2-11

M2-11It feels like a long time since T3 Racing showed us an insight to a Moto2 derived project. Aimed at giving riders the experience of working with a multi adjustable ‘prototype’ chassis, whilst hoping to create a window for MOTO2 team managers to view potential UK and European rising talent.

Based on a 675cc engine the M2-11 is being designed around an affordable bike and will support affordable racing with cost control regulations.

Time passed, since the initial concept and Tony Scott (T3 Racing) revealed a computer render that was a jaw dropping design; it was very easy to see that this wasn’t just a custom 675. Everything has been re-thought of and built with racing in mind. After a conversation with Tony it was clear that the clean lines of the bike are just the tip of the iceberg. T3 Racing have an unbeatable knowledge when it comes to the Daytona 675, and they haven’t missed a trick. This is a full spec race bike which is in a league of it’s own.

The last couple of weeks the M2-11 has found it’s way onto the race track. The first bike is complete and it’s in testing. We hope to see very soon the full specification and technical data from the testing. Knowing the knowledge and skills T3 Racing has in this environment we’re expecting this to perform well above expectations! T3 Racing will also be making a small limited run of the M2-11 for the road. “Shut up and take my money” comes to mind!

For more images please visit this thread. For enquiries contact Tony Scott at T3 Racing.

Image above taken by member ‘Wyrm’

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