Harlow vs Bikers & Planned Server Works

An injunction which prevents group riding between 10AM-12 Midnight has been taken out in Harlow, Essex. The injunction bans groups of two or more people from taking part in unauthorised ride outs between 10am and 12midnight on any public land or public highway in Harlow. It covers ride outs involving both motor cycles and motor vehicles. Anyone breaking the injunction would be in contempt of court and may be sent to prison. More Information Here

Seems a little harsh and is a great way to try and alienate the biker community. However after huge uproar Harlow Council apologises and explains what the injunction is all about: read the apology here.

In other news, due to essential server maintenance on the 30th May 2016 from 10PM-10:30PM will be down. The planned outage will allow for the server’s CPU cooler to be changed. We’re constantly ensuring the technical side of the site remains current and up-to-date to ensure lives for many more years to come! 🙂

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