Content Building – Drinks on us!* (* if you can help!)

For a while now we’ve been running version 2 new and improved web interface; however since it’s overhaul content outside of the forum has been non-existent. So to try and get the ball rolling we’re advertising for some content building help! We’re looking for people to offload their knowledge in the form of a short article. In return, all credit to the author will be noted on any article and we will also send enough funds for a drink (or three) via paypal as a gesture of thanks!

Can you help? Please have a read of the following thread: Content Building – Drinks on us! (If you’re able to help!)

In other news, memory lane has been echoing the desire to ride in groups again. This year and last year we had a ride-out from Hinckley, UK. Keep an eye out as we will be looking at another location for next year! The winter maybe here, but the summer awaits! Meet
P.s. We’ve passed the 4000 member mark! How did we miss that?! Thanks for all the support everyone!

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