What’s been going on?

We have been very busy the last few days and we thing we have most bugs or problems out of the system. We’ve just established a daily back-up so in the worst case scenario we should be able to bring the site back ASAP. The new app is now live with the android version shortly to follow.

The shop is slowly coming to life and more merchandise options will be available soon. We hope one day to attract traders into our shop system offering good discounts to members. We would also like to start building our information resource soon, we’ll be offering small incentives to anyone able to assist with our content building. So watch this space!

Hopefully by now everyone is getting used to the new design, we’ve tried out best to listen to any criticism and suggestions. If anyone has any other suggestions or ideas please let us know. Although non-urgent suggestions will be placed on the to-do list, we will try our best to implement it into the site in the future!

Our Facebook page has been in need of a little bit of attention recently, expect more regular updates and more content. So even when you’re not on, you should still be able to pick up 675 goodness!

For now enjoy our little corner on the internet, and thank you for your support and time shown towards!

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