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2019 S1000rr

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by TripleJimmy, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. Good to know. I'm doing Philip Island with NL in January and will take one out if the opportunity is there :D
  2. Frequent Flyer

    Frequent Flyer

    Location: Cardiff
    You jammy... NL aren’t going back the following year, and as I have to take the tribe with me on the trip (and hence need the extra time to save up) I’m now going to have to organise my own trip in 2020 and do some public days instead, without the Daytona obviously - these are the guys who hire out the beemers and they said they’ll have “current year models” http://m.phillipislandridedays.com.au/pird_welcome - not sure if that means they’ll have 2019 bikes in January - think Oz usually get the 2019 bikes in their spring (ie October)

    The “Mike spike Edwards” video is worth getting - looks like an awesome circuit.

    Have a cracking time and do a write up!
  3. I'll look into it cheers. I've got spikes vid and it does look awesome.
    I've been told they aren't going back, it's a 1 off. It's a lot of organising and they are doing Sepang in 2020 so will they do both, I'd say get on this one but it's too late now the bikes went last weekend.
  4. JohnnyPS4


    Location: Buxton
    Proper nitpicky and not taking away from its awesomeness but who decided to paint the subframe what looks to me like poo brown :confused:
  5. Frogcake

    Frogcake Moderator Staff Member

    Location: London
    I quite liked the asymmetric look of the previous gen but this looks even better.
  6. TripleJimmy


    Thread Starter

    Moderator Staff Member

    Location: Dover
    Had a chat with my dealer today he is sending me the spec sheets. In summary the Sport model which most people will buy I am guessing is 16k the M Sport is 19k and has carbon wheels and is the only version you can get the M Sport colours. Typical BMW putting the best colour only 9n the most expensive bike.

    The sport model will be in black or red so pretty basic uninspiring options.

    Options for the Sport are forged wheels etc.

    And there is a basic one for 13k which no one will buy because it has nothing on it. Well maybe superstock people will.

    Expected March at the earliest.
  7. Nice one Jimmy. Can you post or send me the specs please. I have no dealer here and won't make the show this month.
    Has the M got electronic suspension do you know ?
  8. TripleJimmy


    Thread Starter

    Moderator Staff Member

    Location: Dover
    Sure thing. When they come through I will put them up. I think the sport and the M Sport are basically the same with the M Sport getting carbon wheels, race ABS, and I think a 4th riding mode not totally sure on that one though.

    All the normal stuff like cruise, heated grips etc are still there. I think the dash also has connect software so you can get basic sat nav via you phone.

    One interesting this is that there are no clipons. The bars are integrated into the top yoke so crashing could get expensive. Be interesting to see what aftermarket parts become available.
  9. TripleJimmy


    Thread Starter

    Moderator Staff Member

    Location: Dover
  10. 675KPW


    Location: Peterborough
    It should be phenominal, and more bike than anyone will ever need.

    Most likely the cat is not covered is due to the heat generated.
    I run gen 2 with cat and track fairings, and it's bubbling the paint off!

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