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Airport parking

Discussion in 'Rants & Raves' started by Edski675, Jun 5, 2015.

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    Can someone explain - how does one night's parking at Liverpool Airport (cost £30, special offer reduced from £55) 'offer outstanding value for money':mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

  2. Captain Steffydog

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    Location: East London/Essex
    Because £30 is less than £55?
    I make that over a 36% reduction :) bargain!
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  3. SW73


    Location: Sunderland
    Because parking in a field in the middle of nowhere is always going to be at a premium! Thieving @&#*%! Mind, that looks like a positive bargain compared to Newcastle airport where it costs £1 just to drop someone off! And who the £&#@ decided that no matter where you went in the world, in every airport a bottle of water, WATER, would be £4! Come the revolution, airport managers will be alongside the masters of the universe from the city, awaiting their turn to be tied to the tail of a cow to be shited to death.
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  4. I know what you mean, booked my parking for East Midlands for a week, original price was £76! Joined a Facebook group, followed a link and paid £1 for a discount code, took it down to £55
  5. I think the cheapest overnight uncovered parking over here at Auckland airport works out about 25-30 quid from memory. For longer stays the rate drops a lot.

    A few years ago I flew back to Heathrow and spent three hours, yes three hours walking around acres of car park trying to find MrsWs bright yellow mini. I didn't have my ticket since my wallet got nicked in a restaurant a few days earlier in Thailand. So I got stung more than once, and no happy ending... :D
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  6. I have reason to work around the airports retail operations. Back in the day airports number one source of income was the income from the fee they charged airlines to land and park planes. Now the number one income is car parks, number two is retail fees charged to the retail operators in the airport (rent) now parking planes is their number three source of income! Funny world!!
  7. Supply and demand, that's the key here as my local airport has free parking in a bid to get more passengers - seems to be working as there are 5 flights per day to Stockholm. (About an hours hop)

    While an hour away in Copenhagen the rates are considerably higher due to the demand
  8. volant


    Location: London
  9. Rossgo


    Location: Landed on Mars
    I remember I picked up my partner and her mate from Gatwick one time and was there for all of half an hour, I got charged 5 quid for the privilege!!
  10. Rossgo


    Location: Landed on Mars
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    I don't know how they get away with it it's a joke Ed
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