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Audi drivers!!!

Discussion in 'Rants & Raves' started by dino, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. dino


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    Location: Bromley Kent
    I drive an Audi but watched the news this morning and saw once again another example of the sort of driving that deserves a jail sentence

    Woman And Toddler Hit-And-Run CCTV Released


    The CCTV footage shows the 42-year-old driving instructor and her three-year-old nephew crossing the road on December 7 in Coventry.
    As they reach the middle of King William Street a black Audi estate overtakes another car, which had stopped to turn into a junction, and strikes them.
    The driver of the Audi is seen to slow for a moment, but then accelerates along the road as passers-by rush to help the stricken pair, left lying in the middle of the street.
    Fortunately, the woman and toddler were unharmed aside from a few minor injuries.
    West Midlands Police said a witness supplied a partial number plate for the Audi - EN57 - but they have been unable to trace the vehicle and believe it could be hidden in a garage.
    Officers believe the car will have sustained damage on the front.
    "We have taken the unusual step of releasing the images - which carries a warning for viewers - in the hope that someone will recognise the car and come forward with information so that we can trace the driver," said PC Abbi Jones.
    "This could have been so much worse. At the time of the collision, the driver would not have known that the woman and child were uninjured."

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  2. That is just horrible news but doesn't surprise me. :(
  3. dino


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    Location: Bromley Kent
    There seems to be a lot of bad Audi drivers around, they truly have moved from the 3 series BMW

    A motorcyclist killed in a crash involving several vehicles on the M3 in Surrey has been named.
    John Muller, 57, was from Switzerland and was living in Sunbury on Thames when he died in the crash on Tuesday.
    The collision happened on the southbound carriageway between junction two near the M25 and junction three at about 07:00 GMT.
    Mr Muller's blue Triumph motorcycle was in collision with a black Audi. Three more vehicles were also involved.http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-surrey-21301495

    Hampshire police motorcyclist seriously hurt in A31 crash
    A police motorcyclist was seriously injured when he was involved in a collision while responding to a crash in Hampshire.
    The officer was riding a marked BMW bike along the A31 between Four Marks and Chawton when he was involved in a crash with a Audi S3, on Monday.
    He was airlifted to hospital where he is in a critical but stable condition.
    The Audi driver, a 40-year-old man from Four Marks, was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving and bailed.

    A father injured in a hit and run while giving his 10-year-old daughter a piggyback says the driver knew they had been involved in a collision.
    Mark Catton, 40, was hit while carrying his daughter Boe across Wendover Road, Aylesbury, early on Sunday morning.
    "There can be no doubt that he saw I had a child on my back," Mr Catton said. "To not stop and be concerned if he killed someone is upsetting."
    Police believe the car which hit them was a dark Audi A3 or A4.
    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-be ... s-21346241

    Amazing how many Audi crashes.....

    Cirencester woman, 59, dies after being hit by a car
    Gloucestershire / 3 January 2013
    A 59-year-old woman has died after being hit by a car in Gloucestershire. The woman, from Cirencester, was involved in a collision with an Audi…

    Driver killed and passenger hurt in Lewes road crash
    Sussex / 31 December 2012
    A man was killed and another man injured when a car hit a tree on a country lane in East Sussex. Police said the 38-year-old driver of an Audi…

    30 December 2012
    Man dies after being found on road in Dyfatty Street, Swansea
    South West Wales / 30 December 2012
    … a road in Swansea. South Wales Police say it is believed the man was in collision with a silver Audi estate on the A4118 Dyfatty Street early…

    28 December 2012
    Driver dies after car hits tree in Dorset
    Dorset / 28 December 2012
    … near the junction with Holme Lane. Police have appealed for witnesses, or anyone who saw the Audi A6 before the crash, to contact. A driver died…

    Streatham bus stop death crash: Police charge man
    London / 28 December 2012
    … after a woman was killed at a bus stop in south London. Veronica Chango-Alverez, 31, died and a man was critically injured when an Audi struck…

    26 December 2012
    Two remain in hospital after Melksham fatal crash
    Wiltshire / 26 December 2012
    03:30 GMT on the A3102 outside the Cooper Tires factory in Melksham, Wiltshire. The road was closed for six hours. Police said one car, an Audi…

    14 December 2012
    Boy, 11, dies after being hit by car in Hayle
    Cornwall / 14 December 2012
    A boy who was knocked down by a car in Cornwall has died. Devon and Cornwall Police said the 11-year-old from Hayle was hit by a silver Audi on…

    11 December 2012
    Winkfield horse deaths crash prompts warning
    Berkshire / 11 December 2012
    … and a woman suffered a fractured arm. Police arrested a man, 41, on suspicion of drink driving. He was driving a black Audi which hit the three…
    Pembrokeshire A487 crash: Driver, 79, dies, man injured

    9 December 2012
    Woman dies in Northumberland A69 three-vehicle crash
    Tyne & Wear / 9 December 2012
    Emergency services were called to the crash involving a Ford Focus, Audi TT and a Vauxhall van on the A69 between Hexham and Haydon Bridge. The…
  4. dino


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    Location: Bromley Kent
    They must go to the same driving school as Addison Lee drivers
  5. Really puts things into perspective doesn't it? I have always said that one day the amount of idiots I've seen in Audi's it was only a matter of time before they killed somebody and at present looking at the above it seems like the body count is racking up.

    I do realise it's the people not the brand doing the driving but surely I'm not the only one who notices the overwhelming amount of dickheads behind the wheel of Audis?
  6. I think the brand projects an attitude and that attitude appeals to a certain mindset.
    Unfortunately that mindset a lot of the time belongs to arseholes.
  7. :lol: spoken like my old man that was buddy and I couldn't agree with you more I have enjoyed destroying Sales reps in their Audi's very nearly dragged one out of his the other day the only reason I didn't was because I had the mrs in the car with me and didn't want to scare to her by chasing after the goon to thresh fuck out of him. But you are right the mindset seems to be growing funny that really Audis are just over priced VW's yet VW drivers don't seem to have the same mindset as them wonder why that is?
  8. I believe that they think that expensive = elite and that's the attitude that shows.

    Big bunch of VAG' drivers. Trouble is every git in an A3 or A4 Tdi thinks he's driving a R8 or Lamborghini.
  9. Oh yes don't they just! Mind you had some tit in an Alfa Romeo try to race me down the slip road to the M25 the other night when I was on my Daytona the stupid fool he never even got close and it just made him look stupid really. When will these dickheads learn you won't beat a bike for speed ever.
  10. D41


    Location: Orange, CA
    This is a cheery thread to wake up to.
  11. I drive an Audi. Ride a Vespa 125 scooter. And a street triple r. Fuck me right!? Lol
  12. Well go back to bed then :lol:
  13. midgey46


    Location: Peterborough
    Pretty sickening to think someone could be so heartless to do that..

  14. Yep, fuck you!

    Only joking, unless it's an A3 ;)

  15. Because I love your avatar you are forgiven :twisted: :lol:
  16. P.S. I'm just glad the hate has moved on from BMW drivers.
  17. dino


    Thread Starter

    Location: Bromley Kent
    my name is Dino and I drive an Audi

    As an Audi driver, I could not stop driving like an arrogant tosser. Even when my doctor diagnosed me with severe feelings of adequacy I could not stop driving an Audi.

    I admitted my driving was injurious to others, yet I knew, as right as the sun would rise tomorrow, I would drive again. I can't stop driving. This is the horror and hopelessness of being an Audi driver.

    Now, 5 years later as a member of Audis Anonymous, I have recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body.....

    ...........and ride a scooter instead.
  18. LOL, the first step is admitting you have a problem. Only 11 more to go!
  19. dino


    Thread Starter

    Location: Bromley Kent
    done all 12 ... got me a scooter ... and an audi :lol: :lol: :lol:
  20. *puts on Arnie voice* You're a funny guy Ian.........That's why I'm going to kill you last :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :lol:

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