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Bast**ds knicked my lovely ex Triple Challenge Cup 675…..

Discussion in 'Rants & Raves' started by TomGH, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. Red675


    Location: Angola
    have the plod been much use mate? ( i appreciate that might sound like a VERY daft question)
  2. TomGH


    Thread Starter

    Location: London (Brixton)
    I'm not normally one to knock the boys in blue, but they've been about as useful as syphillis. There is so much CCTV about where I live (London, innit) and a bike on a trailer is an easy spot. But because I couldn't pin the time down to a 20 minute window, they wouldn't look at it at all. I went back twice to ask two different officers. Not enough man power was the reason (weak I think) so I started doing some digging myself. My local pub let me look at their CCTV (no joy) but that at least it clarified the possible direction they drove away in. Then went to Lambeth Council and submitted an application to request their footage from three cameras which ought to flag up the thieves. Whether they'll respond positively, who knows. I've written to DVLA too (bike was not registered). Done all I can. Going to start saving for the next machine and buy an Uzi 9mm. To coin a bit of Prince Nazeen any toe rag who touches my bike again, "I'll bop them down and smoke their boots."
  3. Sorry to hear this mate keep trying the cctv around you're area, also id keep you're eyes peeled on eBay tbh, Hope you get it back.

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