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Bazzaz ZFI - No RPM signal

Discussion in 'Comments, Suggestions & Site Questions' started by Aramli, May 14, 2017.

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    Hi Brothers,

    This is my 1st post & hopefully I park this topic in the right place.

    Installed Bazzaz ZFI unit on my Daytona 675R 2013 model. All connection secured as per instruction.

    The problem I've faced is no RPM signal detected on Z-mapper. Which mean I can tune my bike. Returned the unit to seller & received new one. Still having the same issue. Anybody have face this issue before. Anybody can help to solve my problem??[​IMG]
  2. Have you found any resolution to the problem yet? Here's my current experience...

    I'm having the same problem on my 13 D675R. Nothing will work unless the CPS (crank position sensor) is getting a signal to to main FI/TC module and that's what gives us the RPM reading. I've talked with tech support (I wasn't in front of the bike at the time) and they gave me a few things to try out such as double checking the harness connections on both ends and making sure all the connectors were going to the right place. I get indicator lights on the QS module, and the main FI/TC module when I pressure the shifter, the ZAFM module lights green at ignition then goes to blue, then no lights when running. The software shows throttle position, gear position, switching between Map1/Map2 is working. I tried the Zmapper learning process to load baseline fueling but after 4 tries it did not extract any data.

    I'm going to try to carve out some time next week to get in touch with tech support again, this time while I'm in front of the bike.

    I've read a few posts on other forums where users were having the same problems on different bikes and even after sending equipment back to bazzaz for testing, they had the same issues and just gave up. Some even had their equipment replaced and didn't get any improved result.

    I've been really excited about this setup for a while and after spending over $1100 for the full everything system Id hate to have to give up.
  3. After a couple weeks of trying to get my unit hooked up I figured out that the crank position sensor connector is not only really hard to find, but really difficult to get to. I had to remove the right side faring (clutch cover side), the air box completely, disconnect all the fuel injection connectors, remove a little silver actuator module on the lower fuel injector housing (closest to the right frame rail, held on with two silver Philips head screws, has a tiny spring and nut at the top). It then took two people to hold it steady and disengage the connector, and then to put the bazzaz connectors in place. I made a couple little "tools" out of wire clothes hanger (see photo) that I slipped into the back side of the connector and released the clip that held the two parts together. To put the Bazzaz connectors in place I ran a long flat head screw driver through the side of the frame and held it under the lower connector with slight upward pressure, while my helper slipped the Bazzaz connector over the top of the bike connector and pressed it into place from above. The second set of connectors were easier to connect because there was enough slack to hold on to them with a couple fingers.

    If you think you've connected everything properly and you didn't have to do all this, AND you're not getting RPM readings, then you probably didn't connect the Bazzaz crank position sensor wires to the right place.

    I'm above average on the mechanically inclined scale and this was moderate difficulty to pull off. Finding the damn connectors took me 3/4 days of searching, once I found them, the disassembly and hook up took about 2 hours with my helper acting as a second set of hands.

    I'll put everything back together again tomorrow after work and see if I can finally get everything working. Next track day is in a few weeks at Buttonwillow! Maybe I'll get a canyon ride in between now and then to get some good mapping going.

    I'm hoping my struggle and explaination will save someone some time.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask.


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