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:/ bit bumed

Discussion in 'Rants & Raves' started by 675 hazza, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. 675 hazza

    675 hazza

    Thread Starter

    well as someone on here is always bitching about women its now my turn to bitch about men!

    pretty frickin' upset right now as my was boyfriend broke up with me this evening. everything was sooo normal, called me monday to say he was coming over to mine for the weekend and i could choose the colour of his new BMW car he was gonna get, said lets meet up for dinner wednesday (today) so had a shower at work tarted up and left to meet him, i got there and he seemed kinda stressed and not right. he got in my car and said alot of bullshit that didnt make any sense, i said i dont know what your saying, he babbled on more and i said are you braking up with me and he just nodded. said he was too selfish to have anyone else in his life and didnt want a relationship at all. he didnt want another person to stop him from what he wanted to achieve in life. i said had i ever stopped him from doing anything he wanted to do and he said no. i knew from the start he was a very money driven guy and he said from the off he was selfish but i never saw it. feel like a total mug naturally, i said alot of stuff to him and some of it hit home. he said he had been thinking about it alot the past few nights and had been loosing sleep over it. but it was so sudden it felt like a total snap judgment. the next few weeks are going be a pain as i know what im like...... sorry for this total useless thread but meh
  2. sorry to hear about your night hunni that realy sucks , some blokes are wankers at times hey
    Hope your ok . Remember your young , got plenty of time to find the right one
  3. Davetona

    Davetona Moderator Staff Member

    Location: East Kent Coast
  4. You always have the mv :)
  5. 675 hazza

    675 hazza

    Thread Starter

    thanks guys, could really do with lots of hugs right now. but thanks to Dave i might get a cheeky peek at Nicky a the weekend now so that will cheer me up :D
  6. If it makes you feel better you can take my R1 for a ride? :) big hugs dude x
  7. Sorry to hear it H, big hugs from my end of the country too :)
  8. hamster86


    Location: lincoln
  9. Sorry to hear this :(, whats happened to all the genuine gals/guys nowadays...? :hug:
  10. Really sorry H :( His loss mate x
  11. Wyrm


    Location: Surrey
    Ahhh fuck it - you're young and there are plenty of decent guys out there... some might even like 675s!
    Get out there and live life.
  12. Really sorry to hear this dude'et......

    I'm not going to babble on a load of soppy rubbish but as already said on here mate, his loss at the end of the day...... You're young and you've only got one life so get the hell out there and live it..... I know it's easier said than done at times like this but it's the only way.

    Chin up aye. x
  13. Well, the title of this thread did not live up to my expectations :lol:
  14. D41


    Location: Orange, CA
  15. From some strange reason I thought you were a bit of a looker. I have no idea but hey Ho. I'm sure one of us lads would be happy to give you some nice rebound lovin' (too soon?!)

    Anyhoo! Always a bummer being dumped, no getting around that for sure. Just take this opportunity to look inside yourself and see what a good centred person you are and move onto better and more positive experiences.
  16. 675 hazza

    675 hazza

    Thread Starter

    Cheers guys, I think the fact it just came out of now where as we hadn't be arguing or anything and everything was really good. Just shocked and having to just turn my feelings off over night for him is the hard bit.

    But thanks for your kind comments :)
  17. D41


    Location: Orange, CA
    Cool...can we f***???

    I'll be tender...
  18. Captain Steffydog

    Captain Steffydog Moderator Staff Member

    Location: East London/Essex

    Having met him I thought he seemed quite a nice guy, just shows what I know!

    Mmm, all I can say is that clearly you are going to be hurting right now, but we're are all here for you as always, if I see you I'll give you a massive hug x

    Chin up H, you know what I think about you, he's missed out on a great girl IMO, his loss not yours!

    Keep that smile on, as Mr H is out there, you just need to find him, and you never know where or when, you just have to be you, and to believe :)
  19. Sorry to hear about this mate. Chin up & I know it's hard but try to remember everything happens for a reason ;)
  20. This is definately a bummer hope you get over it quickly and never trust a bmw driver.

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