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BMW R9T Racer s test ride

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by wobblybiker99, Jan 18, 2019.

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    Have been looking for a second bike to compliment the Daytona R for a while now as I still love the Triumph and can't imagine selling it. Was considering the standard R9T or Thruxton R last year but never got around to test riding either, then a few weeks ago I spotted a Gorgeous Racer in the BMW showroom and started obsessively watching youtube clips and reviews. It was a pre-reg Mar 18 with 0 miles for only £7,999 which is a great saving on a new bike, unfortunately by the time I got around to the test ride yesterday it was already sold:(.
    Anyway decided to try the demonstrator yesterday, bear in mind I haven't ridden for 4 months and it was 2c when I left the house and didn't get above 4c all day, roads were a bit salty but mainly dry with only a few damp patches. Had to break out all my textile gear I haven't used in years (warm weather biker:cool:)but surprisingly didn't feel the cold at all apart from a bit of draught in the helmet:p. Turned on the heated grips and set off, if you've watched any reviews of the Racer the biggest complaint by far is the riding position and especially the stretch to the bars, some people in their videos make out you have to virtually lay on the tank, now I don't know what bikes these people have been riding but they obviously haven't come from a supersport bike, I found the bars perfectly comfortable and are higher and further back than the Daytona's, my knees felt very tight though I think due to the seat height being lower than the Triumph and not the footrests being high, I'm about 5'10" and am on the balls of my feet on the Daytona but could get both feet down flat with a slight knee bend on the beemer, I'd like the seat a little higher. The gearshift took some getting used to, felt I had to bend my foot inwards to reach the lever which is hard with my knee injury but I got used to it, there is a lot more engine braking being a 1200 twin and a dry clutch and I had a little lock up from the rear just after setting off, no slipper clutch, the salesman did warn me about this characteristic though so it was probably a clumsy downshift from me. My main issue was loads of free play at the throttle preventing blipping on downshifts, I managed to stop and adjust it out as luckily it was knurled adjuster unlike the triumph, this improved it but I still think ride by wire bikes don't respond to fast throttle blipping as good as a cable bike, or maybe its due to it being a big twin.
    Upshifts were fine but felt old school having to close the throttle and use the clutch (no quickshifter), gearbox is really smooth though and everything got a lot better after a couple of hours riding. It sounds like a lot of complaints so far but I was really starting to enjoy the ride, the engine has loads of torque and is plenty fast enough for me up to three figure speeds on a private road I imagine:rolleyes:, the standard exhaust sounds great when you wind on the throttle and it can also tick along at 3k smoothly and almost silently if required. The time it vibrates the most is at tickover, all other times its smooth with a bit of "character" thrown in, mirrors worked fine and the seat was comfortable after 2 hrs riding.
    Handling felt great with a mix of bumpy country roads and faster A roads, I expected it to feel long and stable looking at the geometry which it did but also was really easy to turn in, obviously not as sharp as the Daytona but felt very secure considering the weather and the tubed Metzeler Z8's (spoked wheels) which I imagine are more of a sports touring tyre. Suspension is at the budget end, not the fully adjustable USD forks etc from the standard R9T but felt perfectly fine and I wouldn't feel the need to rush out and upgrade it straight away. Extra's on the s model are spoked wheels, led indicators and heated grips, traction control is extra which the demonstrator surprisingly didn't have, the twin dials are easy to read including the lcd sections, the only thing I miss is a proper fuel gauge, just get a low level light and a miles countdown.
    I personally think it looks great and would definitely get attention when you stop if that's your thing, I must admit I do like that, the only things I would change are getting rid of the daft amber reflectors, the charcoal filter (big plastic contraption next to the shock) and some sort of tail tidy, not sure about moving the plate to the swingarm though.
    Overall by the end of the ride I was starting to really fall for it, and was thinking it could replace the Daytona and not just be a second bike.
    The demonstrator is now for sale but the same price as the pre-reg 0 miles bikes so is not as much of a bargain, i think there may be a few more pre-reg bikes around the country but at that price they won't last long. Now time for some decisions, swap with the Daytona or run two bikes over the summer and then decide if i prefer one over the other.
    One thing i definitely learned is that i can ride on a sunny day in the winter at temperatures >4c and still enjoy it, something i wouldn't normally do, it may even encourage me to get the Daytona back together and out of the house a bit earlier than my usual mar/apr time.
    Not the actual bike but you get the idea.

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