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Breaking 675 06-12 Race Bike

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by cuff4, Aug 16, 2019 at 11:27 AM.

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    Breaking Race bike 06-12

    All prices include UK postage unless stated ‘collected’.

    Nitron Shock (recent service) - £350

    Wheels with Metzler slicks and Brembo Serie Oro discs - SOLD

    2012 135hp Steve Mellor supersport motor (slipper clutch included) - £1900 collected

    Swing arm with bobbins, shark fin and bolt to hold rear calliper for tyre changes £50

    Arrow Stage 2 full system with oval port adaptors - £800

    09-12 forks serviced and upgraded by ktech - springs, SSK piston kit, rechromed, seals etc - £550

    09 frame, no V5 ex TTC bike - £800

    Accosato master cylinder and reservoir - SOLD

    Throttle bodies (stepper removed) - £40

    Radiator - £50

    Clip ons - SOLD

    Rear calliper, line etc - £30

    Repaired kit generator cover - SOLD

    Rear subframe - £40

    Any questions, please ask.


    07469729336 I’m roughly 20 minutes from Snetterton.

    540BA24F-D434-42BC-8AD1-FC1804AAA3D0.jpeg 61120F34-B94B-4C17-8B3F-D0424FC9275B.jpeg 96A7904E-037C-48A5-AA6F-82DE0657DD2E.jpeg E85F1329-AAC6-4757-96E2-25164AEC5BA5.jpeg D2A7C064-55F3-473C-8212-8A8D8A990FDF.jpeg E8F3CE29-FF97-4584-8AF0-511C9564D8DF.jpeg E12A4ECA-1408-4813-8DA6-1A3E5CFF8CB1.jpeg A492D8FC-3CAE-4CFF-BB04-2F424CB692A2.jpeg 1C70F490-C985-48EF-BBCD-1755D81D3C58.jpeg 2806AE4E-215E-4543-B11D-E43048F72004.jpeg F27E7444-47C5-45B3-9C34-18C5C86BA027.jpeg D7B7DEE2-B1C3-4545-8DEF-486598607EE1.jpeg 636B720F-1BB2-409F-ABAD-B15AF843D4EF.jpeg 6DD7D6AC-4D91-4EE4-8480-1EEB9C9ED893.jpeg 35307338-AAB8-45AE-B5F0-C2DB3BCEBFEF.jpeg 667375E0-B244-4192-B4A3-3CE81EFE127D.jpeg 286DC925-DD97-43EA-8803-6825AA972AFE.jpeg 4C82FB27-8955-4587-B281-E7091557AEF6.jpeg 9AF76C53-4628-4450-B92B-FE62AF81A519.jpeg C8C8CA5E-EDB9-46C3-8579-9DD241F478E6.jpeg C53AA13F-9D4E-428B-A4AF-68CADD55ABC8.jpeg

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