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CB125 B6 (twin cylinder) from 1975 brought back to life

Discussion in 'General' started by 0S2, Dec 7, 2019.

  1. 0S2


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    Something different was brought to be a few days ago from my neighbour that's been sitting in a shed since 1983.
    It turns out this was the bike he bombed about on when he was a kid and then parked up until a few days ago
    After a bit of a once over, I cleaned the plugs, connected a battery and put some petrol in and kicked away.
    After a few attempts, it fired up but there was lots of petrol leaking from the tap/old hoses but it ran!
    So, new tap ordered and fuel lines bought.
    There are a few wires that have been chewed by something but they have been sorted and the tyres actually pumped up too.
    Owner informed and he brought around original log book from the 70's as he wants me to sell it once new tap is fitted.
    Turns out its a Honda CB125 B6 (twin cylinder) from 1975..
    Outstanding quality from Honda.

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  2. JohnnyPS4


    Location: Buxton
    Proper Honda build quality!
  3. 0S2


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    Well, new tap and fuel lines fitted along with an old battery I had knocking about and it started off the button.
    Put up for sale and within minutes a flurry of phone calls were received and the bike sold in 15 mins.
    Deposit taken and it will be collected over the weekend, it seems there is still a demand for these old Honda's.
    It's even got the original registration papers.


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