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Douche of the Week

Discussion in 'Twat of the Week' started by Joss, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. Joss


    Thread Starter

    Location: Banbury, UK
    Self nominating myself for douche of the week here this week.
    After a few months of issues with punctures, stator/RR problems etc, I finally had my '11 675R back together and ready for a test on a warm Friday morning.
    Me and the GF were driving 5 hours up to Cumbria for a family event that morning, but she was getting ready so I thought I'd squeeze in a quick test ride whilst she did what women do.

    I geared up and got 2 miles down the road, hopped off and checked for leaks etc, all looked good! Cranked her open and got another 20 miles down the road, went to shift up and my foot slipped off the lever!?! Looked down and my boot/leg were dripping with oil! :(
    Immediately pulled the clutch in and hit the kill switch whilst coasting to a side road 100m down the road. Everything was dripping in oil, including the brand new rear tyre!
    Waited 2 hours for my mate to come with his van and take me home with my tail between my legs, to my missus stood in the door way with the dreaded, 'I told you so' face! In was a long drive to Cumbria after that!

    When we got back I stripped her down (the bike, you dirty bastards), to discover a crack in the stator cover! Numb nuts here had over torqued the bolts, so when the cover warmed up.....CRACK!



    I brought a new cover from Triupmh Stratford who were very helpful and got it to me in 2 days, great customer service.
    So Doris is now fully rebuilt and running, she has just done 500 miles since the new cover and still going strong!

    Moral of the story kids, if the book says 'x' Nm, then don't go 'x+3' "just to be safe"!! Lesson learnt the hard way, but could have been a lot worse!
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  2. JohnnyPS4


    Location: Buxton
    At least you kept it upright
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  3. Sulaco161


    Location: Bodmin
    I think you're being a little harsh on yourself, we've all had that "doh" moment. At least you didn't strip the threads in the crank case, something I did many years ago on an old Suzuki!
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  4. TripleJimmy

    TripleJimmy Moderator Staff Member

    Location: Dover
    All is well that ends well. Those are made of cheese so on the bright side at least it didn't end with a helicoil kit.
  5. StMarks

    StMarks PTG

    Location: HU15 2DS
    Well spotted there Joss. Imho that's one hell of a crack, for just an expansion stress fault.
    Less aware riders may not have noticed until their rear tyre started drifting at every corner.! (just don't ask me how I know that :oopsoops: )
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  6. Joss


    Thread Starter

    Location: Banbury, UK
    A mate on his Fazer just had to Helicoil his casing.....not a fun job apparently!

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