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Engine swap

Discussion in 'General' started by oldgit, Sep 6, 2019.

  1. oldgit


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    So next question! Has anyone dropped a 765 engine into an 07 Daytona?
  2. Hogster


    Location: Ireland
  3. It’s not an easy conversion, and the biggest issue you will face is running gear and wiring loom and tuning it to run correctly
  4. Also the RS engine is the one to go for, otherwise the earlier Daytona lumps are more powerful and suited to the frame
    765 engines have the oval port exhaust downpipes/headers so would need a new manifold for pre 09 bikes
  5. Billy1mate


    Location: Weymouth
  6. cpszx


    Location: Chatteris
  7. It’s the shorter wheel base and more aggressive steering angle
    If you look at the picture below of a converted street triple rs it’s a lot longer and looks like the rear subframes at abit of a more relaxed angle too
  8. Billy1mate


    Location: Weymouth
    The rear subframe is possibly an optical illusion unless the rear bodywork has had spacers fitted to lift it. The frames and rear subframes are the same.
  9. I know Bryleek on here put a 13+ in his se think it was 2010 bike. So if the 765 goes in the 13+ then I'm guessing it will fit in the early frame. As already has been mentioned exhaust ports are different but that not a massive issue. You would have to use a 765 loom clocks and key from the same bike as I think they maybe coded, others on here may know for sure. I'm not certain there will be all that much of a gain for all that work and expense unles you were going to tune the motor a little. I've not ridden a 765 just going off what I have heard. But would be an interesting project though
  10. Does need matching dash, ecu, immobiliser relay and ignition key & barrel
    Along with the correct loom
    And then you guessed it
    Will need to run the flybywire throttle, which will need the throttle bodies, switches etc
    It’s pretty much the whole rs bike you need
  11. Billy1mate


    Location: Weymouth
    Which begs the question.........
  12. It’s expensive to do properly is the upshot, but the result is as good as a middleweight bike gets
  13. Exactly, if you can live without the tft dash✅, ride by wire throttle✅ and riding modes✅ then you could use the money you've saved to tune up your 675, don't think there's much in it horsepower wise anyway, obviously the 765 has more torque.
    Triumph seemed a bit coy about releasing figures for the so-called moto2 bike, have the prospective owners got any power figures?
  14. towser


    Location: Torryburn
    130ps and 80nm
  15. Yeah should have looked it up myself instead of being so lazy:D
    I got 129 hp and 59 ft-lb against 126 hp and 55 ft-lb for the 675 Daytona, I know the area under the curve is more important but it's not night and day different.
    It's all this moto2 derived talk that winds me up a bit, does it really take technology from the GP paddock to make a 129 horsepower 750, Suzuki were managing 148 hp 10 years ago.
  16. towser


    Location: Torryburn
    Yeah I’ve tried to ignore the waffle about ‘Moto 2 bike for the road’. The only thing it’s got in common with the moto 2 bike is the engine size! I’m trying to view it as an upgraded 675R and certainly haven’t bought it as an investment.
  17. Differences are as follows;

    Modified cylinder head with revised inlet & exhaust ports for optimized gas flow
    Higher compression ratio
    Titanium valves & stiffer valve springs
    Revised cam timing > for increased rpm
    High Flow Fuel Injectors
    Low inertia race kit alternator
    Revised 1st and 2nd gear ratios
    Race developed, adjustable slipper clutch
    Magneti Marelli Race ECU
    Revised engine covers for reduced width
    Different sump for improved exhaust header run

    And better quality crank rods and pistons

    Mostly for reliability, and expense
    But also if you want lights and use it on the road the gearbox and alternator needs to be different, high compression engines need a lot of attention and frequent rebuilds
    But tbf it’s 90% there
  18. Forgetting the Moto2 connection aren't those changes mostly what they would have done anyway to turn the street triple engine into a 765 Daytona? Same as they did with the 675.
    I'm not having a downer on the bike Towser, didn't realise that you have one on order, but it seems you're going into it with your eyes open and buying it for the right reasons, because it will no doubt be the ultimate Daytona, and if you want somebody to run it in let me know:p
    Have they said anything about exhaust options or are you stuck with the Euro 4 cat and silencer?
  19. Exhaust systems from the Daytona 675/675R 13-17 will fit no problem
    765 street triple exhausts won’t as it runs down the other side of the sump

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