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Exclude For Sale posts?

Discussion in 'Comments, Suggestions & Site Questions' started by Stu675, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. Stu675


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    Location: Gu1
    Would it be possible to have a New Posts button that excluded all the For Sale threads?
    I know it might make the forum look a bit quiet without 60% of the traffic, but it can be hard to find actual discussions in amongst the jumble sales.
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  2. StMarks

    StMarks PTG

    Location: HU15 2DS
    I see what you're saying mate.
    I expect that @Craig would be the one to know if that's possible on this platform.
  3. That might be one solution, but you could just start up some more posts and things do tend to snowball from there...

    I don't know, democracy in Spain/Eu should get some tongues wagging for starters, or how about a bit of a regular MotoGP/BSB discussion? Not that long ago there was even an anonymous thread about shaving the "downstairs garden"!

    I know I've got some things for sale at the moment so you could accuse me of vested interest, but I think >70% of my mods came off here and I for one like to see the new "for sale" threads as something good or rare often comes up...
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  4. Too right! Haha
  5. I use the app on my iphone and I mainly use the "timeline" section which shows all posts with the most recently replied to ones nearer the top of the list.

    I also like to see what's come up for sale recently as it's good to see if something comes up that I need/or for a good price.

    I understand if you mean to have the option per user to show new posts but not for sale posts as an individual, but if that was to be laid out across the whole of every user then I'm not into that, sorry

    This being more of a quieter forum than some others I use, is it really that bad to scroll past the new for sale posts?
  6. Stu675


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    Location: Gu1
    Ffs I’m probably the biggest hypocrite. I’ve bought 2 bikes this year alone plus a shed load of parts from here and have successfully sold a load over my time too.
    It’s just when the FS threads outnumber the rest I sometimes feel like a break from them.

    Cheers for listening :)
  7. Haha don't worry about it stu!

    I use Tapatalk on my phone and have noticed when I reply to certain threads it comes up asking if I want that subsection to be added to my "feed".

    Perhaps that could be an option for you, add the subsections you want in to your feed then whenever you want to dip in to the items for sale go through the normal bit?
  8. Stu675


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    Location: Gu1
    I can’t get Tapatalk to work.
    I use the iPhone app or a computer.
  9. Red675


    Location: Angola
    been saying it for yonks mate
    you should have to login to see the FS threads imo
    (i dont use the app either fwiw)
  10. RICH675


    Location: Merseyside

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