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Had the bizzies here

Discussion in 'Rants & Raves' started by Edski675, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. Edski675


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    A few weekends back, me and the wife went to Cardiff for her birthday. Left daughter home alone (she's nearly 17)... told her she could have a few girlfriends round. Seems that a few more came... boys too - and people they 'knew', one of whom - a 15 year old lad - decided at 4am that he needed a taxi home the 9 miles into Shrewsbury. Ordered said taxi using our landline and when he got home, ran off up some dark alley. The police traced the landline to here, so we got a visit.

    The thieving little shit thought it was very funny to shaft a taxi driver for the £30 fare (£30 as this was 4am, so double fares). I'm paying it, not cos I have any obligation, but it's the right thing to do. I don't like thinking that a taxi man is £30 down. I can't stand this sort of dishonesty and fraud, FFS taxi drivers have to make a living, and swindling the poor bloke after he comes to fetch you home at 4am is bloody disgusting. I wonder how this pond life would feel if someone took him for £30. So feckin clever - NOT.

    Plod gave daughter a stern talking to about the company she keeps. If you're going to sup with the devil, use a long spoon.

    We have our spare keys... bike is stil there and MTB too, so no obvious damage.
  2. What a little toe rag! I hope for his sake he doesn't run into you or the taxi driver. Kudos for doing the right thing and settling his debt with the cabbie.
  3. Sorry to hear this Ed but there are some serious pieces of scum about. My mate was on hol and his daughter stayed home and she asked for a few friends around on the sat night same as you really. Few few friends turned into loads. Some of the scum that turned up robbed the place. My mate had to cut short his hol the plod were next to useless, as my old pal God rest his soul believes in a certain justice of his own sorted it out :)
  4. Captain Steffydog

    Captain Steffydog Moderator Staff Member

    Location: East London/Essex
    I'd be asking the young lady to pay tbh Ed.
  5. mush

    mush Yam Black Country Lad

    Location: Dudley
    Teenagers mate and times have changed. Fair play for paying up . I'd have made my daughter pay just to make her know and then find the little git and hand him or his mum the bill..
  6. Stu675


    Location: Gu1
    I think Steffy & Mush have it right. Absolutely fair play to you for settling up :up:
    But if anything's to be learnt...

    What does she say to that suggestion?
  7. 0S2


    Location: Sweden
    Nope, would have not paid the bill as it's not your responsibility to pay for this lads deeds, police should be taking this up with his parents and dare I say spend their time on proper crimes not a pissed up teenager doing a runner...

    Agree on giving the daughter an earful but once again, she is 17 and this is part of growing up and won't be the last time she is let down by mates of mates :)
  8. Would have pointed them in the direction of the lad who had run off and let them sort it out with him. Don't see why you should feel responsible for his behaviour. The lad needs to be taught that his actions have consequences.
  9. Edski675


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    They already knew his identity. I think he will be having a trip to the Youth Court for making off without payment. I don't feel responsible but I do feel that the taxi driver should not be out of pocket, not least because if I get the very early train then I often get a taxi to the train station so that I can have a few bevvies at Euston on the way home without having to drive back from Shrewsbury, and I don't want the house address to be blacklisted :)
  10. Red675


    Location: Angola
    bizzies? bevvies?

    youve changed since you started working in lib'pool la ;)
  11. Edski675


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    I've long since called them that!!! Anyway I'm off to the pub, it's been that sort of day :binge:
  12. Red675


    Location: Angola
  13. Rossgo


    Location: Landed on Mars
    A 15 year old did this?! That little fecker need a his dad to give him a few clips around the ear. Theiving scumbag

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