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Moto 2 GP Daytona or...

Discussion in 'General' started by CountCatula, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. Hi all

    I currently.own a D675r 2015 and I have on order the Daytona Moto 2 GP bike that caused lots of hype but now has dampened somewhat.

    I also have been toying with the m pack BMW s1000rr and cancelled it when the doors opened for the Daytona.

    I am now stuck between a rock and a hard place, my local dealer has now got a BMW for me for October.. the beemer is circa 22k and the Daytona is circa 16k (would probably put new exhaust on BMW, and a few accessories as week, and a few on Daytona) so the prices could be BMW 24k Daytona 18k..ish (may put full exhaust on)...

    So what is everyone's thoughts, I am thinking that in 3 years time the beemer may still fetch 14.. so losing 10k, and the Daytona is a mystery as it is so higher priced to start with compared to the last 2017 R's... Will the Triumph have a better residual. . Would it fetch 10k in 3 years... Thus a 8k loss as apposed with a 10k.

    I have ridden the BMW and was not as wowed as I thought I would be, am going to ride it again tomorrow for a few hours, it's a pity I cannot test the Daytona....

    Arrrgh, what to do!
  2. Legacey

    Legacey Moderator Staff Member

    Location: Leicestershire
    I think the value of the new Daytona will depend on what Triumph do in the future. They weren't making anymore Daytonas a couple of years ago and then they launched this one after getting the agreement with Moto 2 to supply their engines, so who knows what they will do with the Daytona in the future if anything at all. Do you want to buy a bike as an investment or to ride I guess is the question ;)
  3. I personally don’t think the triumph resale will be amazing. It won’t be bad but it’s not really what I’d be looking at. Also it’s such a different proposition to the s1000rr it’s too hard to compare really.

    All I would say is that at £22k you have serious options... V4S, R1M to name a few, the Aprilia less so as dealers are already knocking loads off them and the resale is trashed on aprilias because of a certain dealer....

    Choices choices...
  4. Hogster


    Location: Ireland
    That is a tough choice but its a win win for either.
    No matter which bike you get you will loose money the moment it leaves the showroom floor, this will be the case with almost anything unless ultra exclusive.

    The value of the 765 really depends on what Triumph do in the future.
    The Daytona will be rarer as only 765 are forsale so in that sense will be more valuable.

    As above are you buying for enjoyment or resale value? Watching reviews on youtube a lot of people ae not happy with the s1000rr and sell them off as soon as they get them, I would think they will enter the second hand market next year so you could look at that option.
  5. I don't think either of these bikes are money makers and as @Hogster has already said. you lose value the moment you ride them away.
    I looked closely at the Dark 675 bike when that came out and it wasn't long afterwards they were popping up for sale at bargain prices.
    Here's an idea, buy a used 675 & s100rr for the same money :)

    Edited to add: very few bikes are money makes but they are about and generally tend to be icons from decades gone by...
  6. I want a moto2 765 but I didn’t put a deposit down as unless your sure you can leave your money tied up the 765 throughout life’s ups & downs then you’ll lose money on it.
    Their never gonna go up in value.
    I’d personally spend the money as @0S2 suggests & get 2 reasonably priced bikes to enjoy.
  7. 765 is a lot more exclusive than the s1k, and can guarantee you’ll have people surrounding round it wherever you go
  8. D41


    Location: Orange, CA
    A bike isn't really a sound proposition from a financial perspective, so buy the one that pulls at your heartstrings, not your pursestrings.
    For me personally, resale would never come into it, because then your decision hinges on what bike the NEXT person wants, three years down the line, and that just doesn't figure into things from my way of thinking.
    Besides, you'll have parked it in a hedge long before that time ever arrives, so why worry about it??

    Happy riding.
  9. To ride
  10. Cupracing


    Location: Bracknell
    Buy a used s1000rr, you will lose less money and still have alot of fun.
  11. Yep buy a used s1000rr, I think the reason sportsbikes aren’t selling is because most of us have realised that about 5 years ago they got about as good as we are ever going to need them to be...
  12. Frequent Flyer

    Frequent Flyer

    Location: Cardiff
    My mate who’s Ducati multistrada died a few weeks ago is in a similar situation - buy a new KTM Superduke GT as a replacement or get a nearly new one with change for tyres/touring holiday/dirt bike.

    Unless you’re on a finance deal, stick a used bike on a 0% credit card and I’m sure you’ll get 99% of the fun of the more expensive bike - which any new bike will be used by the time you ride it home

    Any bike for me has to meet the following criteria of cost/looks/feel/thrill/handling/power/sound/smell/some level of exclusivity to make it onto a short list. If it doesn’t make you go “f@&£ me” after riding it swiftly and it doesn’t make you look back at it and think “wow, that’s my bike” each time you park up , then it’s not worth choosing imo.
  13. GazP


    Location: Atherstone
    Couldn’t have said it better myself! I’m the same with all my bikes including mtb etc.

    I know my Daytona is 7 years old and I um and arr about a new bike but every time I ride it it makes me smile and I think it looks awesome and even though I may be biased I don’t think many bikes, even more modern ones, look as good as it does.

    And it’s been said before, bikes are probably about as good as they can be for us mortals on the road.
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  14. gary1966


    Location: Sunny Suffolk
    Beemer will drop like a stone, Daytona not so much I don’t think 150 in the uk selling in 4 hrs says people wanted it. I don’t think Triumph will do a bog standard new Daytona any time soon? If they do it won’t hold the value of the moto2 one, the first model always holds its money over a 2nd gen bike, look at a red and white R1 1998 then look at same bike on a 2000 plate 2 or 3 thousand differents in price. The last gen Daytona 675r are hold good money for a mint one I paid £8900 for my last one brand new in 2015 there not a lot less than that now for a good one. Buying a bike you will never get rich by holding on to it for 20 years the iconic bikes 916/996/R1/urban tiger/ sp1/sp2 there now stuck at about £8000 for a good one they all cost that 20 odd years ago.

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