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NEMCRC East Fortune 18-19 May.

Discussion in 'Bobby Campbell Racing' started by trackdaybob, May 15, 2019.

  1. Well I'm off home this weekend. Looking forward to it. It's the second round of the NEMCRC Championship. I'm currently 6th. Hopefully we'll be able to improve upon that.
    Still no 675 but it will not be long.
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  2. @peter doson come say hello if you're there. CB500 #72.
  3. bob your going to have canny grid was 43 500.s out at the melville last meeting, hope to catch up
  4. StMarks

    StMarks PTG

    Location: HU15 2DS
    Have a good time TDB, continue the "steady progress".
  5. I set off from base yesterday evening arriving at Scotch Corner just after midnight. Got my head down in the van for a few hours then got back on my way early this morning.

    Got to the border about 8.


    Nice to be home.

    Then on to East Fortune. I arrived about 10.


    Always nice to come back here. I do enjoy it. It's a cracking wee set up. Proper club racing.

    Didn't take too long to get set up. I can relax now until later. I can't sign on until 4.



    I'll get scrutineered this evening and wait for @ginger_chris to arrive. Good of him to help out again this weekend.

    You'll notice the front wet is already fitted. I'll leave it in just now I think ;)
    Breaking the journey up was the way forward. I'll be doing that again.
  6. @peter doson only 14 500's entered so we're out with the twins again.
    I was expecting more but Scottish championship round next weekend away knockhill has had an effect I guess.
  7. aye so isee few i know out the mimms in sidecar and500
  8. nice meeting bob and family shame about all the red flags and rain
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  9. Aye, nice to meet you.
    Good days racing after yesterday. Fair play to NEMCRC, they managed to recover from a pretty poor start yesterday.
  10. Just back in the door.
    Time for Moto GP and beer.
    cheers ;)
  11. Well in the end a good meeting. But it did not start like that, oh no.
    The weather played its part for sure but I'll never understand why some people feel the need to push right from the off. We had 15 minutes to qualify. Ok it was wet but red flags before I'd done even half a lap. Back to the holding area. Away again and same again. We were then sent back to the paddock to give every one else a go. Eventually we got out but by then they were running behind. I don't think we got ten minutes. The result, I qualified 31st. I wasn't happy.

    So on to the grid, determined to get away good. And I did. Made up a couple of rows off the grid then a few more people into turns one and two. Red flag :rolleyes:
    Back to the grid. Away we go. Good start. This time we nearly got a lap. Red flag!! :mad:
    To be fair, it wasn't just us. A good few classes were not playing nicely it seemed. The result of which meant not everybody (including me) got race on Saturday.
    The weather was better Sunday and fair play to NEMCRC, they pushed us through and made sure all classes got three races over the weekend. I had one race out in no mans land, ending up 6th. The second race was fun, dicing with a couple of mini-twins, keeping them honest. I was 6th again. Then it rained. Wasn't doing so well and kinda just cruising until a couple of bikes cam past. Red rag to a bull etc, etc. I was off. Got back up to them but couldn't move as yellow flags into the Hairpin. Was all set for a repeat next lap but red flag again. 9th. I'd have to settle for that.
    In the end a great weekend. Got up home to see Mum and meet a mate on Monday before the long journey back to base.
    Looking forward to Thundersport at Cadwell this weekend now.
    All that's left now is to thank @ginger_chris and Keith for their help.
    @peter doson nice to meet you, hopefully see you again at EF. I plan to be back at some point this year.
  12. StMarks

    StMarks PTG

    Location: HU15 2DS
    Cracking start that TDB, almost seemed you "predicted" the moment.
  13. Just what are you implying my friend??? o_O
  14. You’re welcome mate, thanks for having me. Cracking camera work that, whoever took them photos and videos should quit their day job
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