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New picture of 2013 Daytona!

Discussion in 'General' started by APBT4LIFE, Oct 16, 2012.



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    Hey guys im new to forum already posted an intro, just wanted to get thoughts on the new 2013. My opinion is it looks good but ill stick to the previous models.. The actual unveiling will be Nov. 13 2012 EICMA show in Milan, Italy.


  2. Craig

    Craig Administrator Staff Member

    Location: Maidstone
    It's not bad, I would be happy riding that. Not sure about the headlights with make-up though! :lol:

    Equally, I have no urge to trade in my 2011 675R for one. Which I suppose for me and my bank balance is a good thing!

    I would like to see the other side with how the exhaust looks, equally would like to know if there are any technical improvements deep within the engine. The Daytona text looks good! :D
  3. Still like the current model esp the 675R
    Can't wait to see the details and any performance gain ;-)
  4. Mitch636


    Location: Essex
    Original 675 ftw! Hopefully all the race bikes are sold cheap so they can upgrade to that...
  5. D41


    Location: Orange, CA
    Hate the rear subframe...looks WAAY too Battlestar Galactica....headlights look a bit naff but overall I like it.
  6. I actually quiet like it....but call me a idiot but does this bike stay with the under the seat exhaust as thats a real neat part of the bike IMO would hate to see the new bike change it for a side exhaust looks to common and naff....would be a disaster IMO if triumph has gone for that design
  7. Blade style exhaust now
  8. TripleJimmy

    TripleJimmy Moderator Staff Member

    Location: Dover
    I get the feeling they have just "dressed up" the old model without any real steps forward. Maybe thats a good thing as the existing one is so good but, i worry that Triumph are going to get caught out. With Kwak doing drastic things like adding 36cc and traction control to a new bike, it looks like Triumph have only changed a few bits of plastic and stuck a low boy on it (probably 2hp gain from the exhaust). If that is the extent of the changes then i'd worry if i were Triumph.
  9. No way....really....I really liked the exhaust under the seat it's sad times for triumph if they have put it on the side....so common and makes no sense why it sets of the bike having it under the seat!! I dont no what other peoples view are on this....please say would like to no people's opinions on the blade style exhaust
  10. Still not liking rear subframe or exhaust.
    Interested to read the full specs and see it in the "flesh"
  11. 23Dark


    Location: London
    I like the present exhaust under the seat. The lines of the bike are clean then, as it keeps the bike's symmetry.
  12. Looks like it suffers from s1000 exposed cat syndrome (SECS)

  13. Deegee

    Deegee Moderator Staff Member

    Location: In the Garage.
    The stand out feature is that lovely rear sub frame, and I think it's brave and commendable that Triumph should put the design of the MD's 8yr old lad into production, it shows faith in the designers of tomorrow.

    Oh, and lets not forget the "Little Miss Hollywood" make-up kit for girls that the MD's 7yr old Daughter used to so cleverly modify the headlights, another art student in the making if ever I saw one!

    All in all a dream come true!

    It's sh*t Triumph. You can f*ck off if you think I'm buying that.
  14. nixhaz


    Location: Near Ipswich
    ^^ what he said! :)
  15. Subframe looks shit, the rest doesn't look too bad but a little bit too generic.
  16. Min


    What I cant get my head around with Triumph is why "If it aint broke - Don't fix it" does not apply, doing changes like this is an all or nothing move it will be loved or loathed so why risk putting yourself out on a limb? Simplistically if you are cooking your favorite meal and forget to add salt, you put some in - NOT add different ingredients Surely if the sales figures of the current and previous versions over the past few years are anything to go by then the bike is not at all bad so instead of putting their nuts on the block why do Triumph not listen to their loyal customer base and tweak/improve their current models with performance enhancements (even the much yearned for and talked about BIGGER engined version) and reliability improvements where needed (also lights that work,crash protection, proper steering damper, adjustable rearsets, quick shifter, slipper clutch, even the dreaded but forseeable electrics - ABS etc etc - all oem parts which should not cost the earth and cause the price of the model to rise in a silly fashion but realistcally if factory made and fitted) to keep it "fresh" and more than up to date. Which after all are the things those poor unfortunate non-Triumph owners seem to prattle on about whist sat astride their race rep Far Eastern clones. Prove to all the doubters by improving the package you have that it is the latest, fastest most up to date and most reliable out there and that you are a company that actually listens to customers and improves models and provides an extensive reliable and honest dealer back up network with cheap servicing and replacement parts, rather than just hitting them for their hard earned then trying to squeeze the last few drops out of them for enhancements and servicing etc etc - im sorry but change your outlook and ethos you will have the market in your hands and you will be setting the trends for others to follow!!!
  17. I like the slimmer tail on it sort of r6ish and are they new wheels ? Hope to god there are some serious weight reductions and performance upgrades or theres no point in chopping what we all have in really.
  18. I like it as craig said minus the make-up, so what do we call this one the MK3??
  19. Like it.
    Not sure on the headlights; though i hated the R until i saw it in the flesh. The exhaust is not very desirable and follows suit of the Japs. There was a Fast Bikes article about MV who's ethos is to keep the legendary styles that people love about MV and that keeps it unique. The 675 Daytona IMO should always have the under seat exhaust.

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