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Rebuilding an 09 - will a 06 frame work

Discussion in 'General' started by Ozwald_McChine, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Ozwald_McChine


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    Crashed my 09 D675 at Anglesey and now planning the rebuild,

    The crash bung bolt ended up snapping the frame mount and the mount from the cylinder head so looking to buy a new frame and cylinder head and rebuild.

    Question is will I be able to migrate all my MK2 parts onto a MK1 frame without any extra work? The rebuild is for a track bike so won’t need lights in the head one etc. More about using the MK2 swing arm and front suspension set up on a MK1 frame.

    Also if anyone has a MK2 Frame and cylinder head for sale let me know!

  2. 09 was just a facelift as far as I'm aware. Frame remained the same so you should have no problems with an earlier frame.
    The proper experts will be along soon to confirm this or chastise me for getting it wrong.
  3. Stu675


    Location: Gu1
    Just out of interest, was the the crash bung a no cut fairing 2 engine bots and a spreader bracket type? or cut a hole in the fairings 1 engine bolt type?
    good luck with the rebuild.
  4. Ozwald_McChine


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    Cheers guys. Yeh would be good to know as there are a lot more MK1 frames available currently.

    Stu - it didn’t have a bracket, it was just one engine bolt type. Never again! I had a low side, went down on my left, slid off the track, got the edging stones and it flipped me and the bike, but of a blur from there but it looks like after the flip it landed on the right hand side where the bung dug into the ground and the bolt snapped both frame and engine mounts.

    I think it didn’t have the bung, the fairing would have been trashed but perhaps the frame and engine mounts would be Ok?

    For protecting a road bike from a garage spill they are good, not sure about track day protection though!

    That said, the protection with the bung mounted to the two brackets might be better - where the bracket is the weak point and would prevent the energy transferring as much to the engine mounts.
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  5. I've crashed the GB racing (twin mount) a few times (High and low sides) and haven't had an issue, touch wood!!!

    Frames are the same, suspension and engine will transfer straight across.

    Street triple (06-2012) frame is also identical, just need to swap the bolt in swingarm pivots.
  6. Ozwald_McChine


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    Cheers Peggy! That’s good to know, there’s a few more frames to have a look at now. Cheers bud
  7. Ozwald_McChine


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    Ah Peggy - I’ve subscribed to your build thread too as I’m going to have to go through some thing similar now!
  8. I think the swingarm oval mounts have a slightly different pitch. One is fifty mm and other is fifty three mm.
    I have got a mk two head if interested.
  9. Ozwald_McChine


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    Cheers bignose. When you refer to the swing arm mounts - is this the difference between a MK1 to MK2? Or between a Street Tripple to a Daytona?

    Yes would be interested in the MK2 head. Will PM you

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