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Selfish ignorant twunts - Fuming!

Discussion in 'Rants & Raves' started by 23Dark, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. 23Dark


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    Location: London
    I think there's a separate thread to this about the very same subject.

    I was in Darlington Morrison's car park today at the MacDonald's with my sister in her new BMW (I don't eat that bilge though). Wandered up to some Bloodriders in training, spoke briefly to them mentioned the Triumphs - big thumbs up (the big tourer / Goldwing thing - not my thing but looked comfortable) - all smiley and happy content with my day so far.

    Wandered to catch my sister and niece up. Disabled parking in front of Mac D's Saab convertible like mine parked up, no blue badge. I saw the guy going in. Seemed able bodied (but you never know) confronted him at the counter asked about blue badge. Just smiled sheepishly said he knew - the little weasel. There was a bloody parking spot free directly to the rear of his car and the disabled parking spot. So had a go at him in public, took a photo of the car.

    Then as soon as he'd pulled out. two other cars pulled in. Some guy in a pick up with his kids with him and some bimbo woman with her kids. Asked the same, she simply lied and said she was told to park there. He then got confrontational (with his kids with him) - so I thought this is getting a bit silly. It was only going to go one way. So thought I'd remain nice and calm and professional about it. Phoned the Police - ages later when I eventually got through to them - they simply said nothing to do with them. Private car park. This surprised me I thought a painted parking space with disabled on it was legally enforcible wherever it is. They simply said speak to Morrison's. I didn't take the photos of the other two cars. I should have but was pretty annoyed by then so went to speak to Macdonald's manager - young lad pretty useless.

    The thing that makes it particularly pertinent is that I've been over to Mission Motorsports this week about something (Crusader helps out there) so if you don't know what it is have a look at their website - basically helping injured Service personnel into the civilian working world through motorsports.

    So I was absolutely livid thinking - Catterick is just up the road - some such injured mil personnel / or any one disabled for that matter might have to actually park somewhere else because of these selfish absolutely unashamed gopping creatures. I think the ultimate point is what so annoys me. everyone was totally uncaring and were getting worked up that I was pulling them up for it. Then trying to do things in a civilised manner got to naught.

    There are some simply awful people in the world.
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  2. I know what you mean, some people these days just don't give a shit. I was at Tesco's with my brother and his kid. We parked in a parent and child space when a woman walks up to the car next to ours on her own and gets in. Just before she was about to drive off, I knocked on her window and told her that she must have left her child in the store. She looked at me blankly so I repeated myself. Then the penny dropped and she made her excuses and left.

    Then yesterday, I saw a person let their dog crap in a park where kids play and walked off without clearing it up. I shouted over to her but she just ignored me, couldn't have cared less. Not as bad as parking in a disabled space, but the same sort of thing. These idiots are the ruin of Britain.
  3. Next time you confront them dark, just say they deserve to use that bay for real one day soon & fingers crossed when they do some selfish lazy fukwit will be parked in it teaching their children what an arsehole is
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  4. StMarks

    StMarks PTG

    Location: HU15 2DS
    I make not secret of the fact that I despise injustices of any type.

    The fact that increasingly growing sectors of our society seem to consider that their selfish whims outweigh any other considerations, makes me despair for our future.

    Fwiw, although I applaud your intentions, I have given up trying to explain their errors to these "types". My experience is that is never well received, and simply leaves me feeling even more frustrated & disillusioned.
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  5. daytona paul

    daytona paul TFI

    Location: Rowley Regis
    Then yesterday, I saw a person let their dog crap in a park where kids play and walked off without clearing it up. I shouted over to her but she just ignored me, couldn't have cared less. Not as bad as parking in a disabled space, but the same sort of thing.

    Pitchfork, this is probably worse than parking in a disabled / parent and child parking bay. Dog, cat AND fox poo contains a roundworm parasite. The parasite burrows into the eyes causing tumors or detached retina and consequential blindness. The parasite can also enter the bloodstream and infect internal organs. Children are more at risk than adults as they may play in infected dirt or sand and then rub their eyes or swallow the parasite.

    This is also an offence which is punishable by law.

    But I do realise, and It annoys me also when people who have no need, use parking bays wrong.
  6. Ntecuk


    Location: Braintree
    Dog owners who don't pick up the shite will generally have me picking it up (always got a bag some were as I have dogs. And throw it at them and say catch it's yours.
  7. Private car park so it's up to Ronald if he wants to do anything about any contract violation with regards to disabled parking. Plus if there isn't any signage to go with it then there isn't even any contract violation in the first place.

    And I would imagine that the police have better things to do anyway. Like baiting speeders.
  8. Red675


    Location: Angola
    yep or sitting on motorway bridges the fat horrible wastes of space

    “i know what im going to do, I’m going to make a difference with my life, become a copper and sit on a motorway bridge all day”

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  9. 23Dark


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    Location: London
    Or there's the morality dimension
  10. Not the police's jurisdiction though : )
  11. We have the same problem here in Canada, we even have people stealing the blue handicap pass so they can use it!!

    I usually tell them the spot is for physically handicapped not the mentally handicapped when I see them parking without a pass!! (Making sure they are smaller than me first :))

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  12. Mate, I have memories of long ago based in Catterick and going in to Darlo to shop on a Saturday or go for a quiet (and I mean quiet) drink only to be confronted by some very horrible individuals wanting 'a go' :eek: Be careful mate on who you challenge, people can be very unpredictable and sometimes it doesn't take much to set them off.
  13. I agree, but sometimes I get pissed at these arrogant @$%^#*, especially when I have my mother with me who needs the spot as she cannot walk too far. Usualy I just let it go, or i sic my mum on them :)
  14. Totally understand Steve. If I'd had my terminally ill (since deceased) mum sitting next to me needing a carpark and was confronted by such uncaring, belligerent attitudes I might not have been so passive
    as my previous post.
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  15. It’s the sign of the times and pretty much universal within western culture. I'm pretty old school as I was taught to say please and thank you, open doors and such like but those principles are getting rare nowadays I would say.

    Society in general has dumbed down to unbelievable level where commonsense has taken a back seat to a “me me me” mentality which is fed by a steady flow of reality TV shows where societies morons are given airtime.

    If anyone knows how to cure this, drop a line to the House of Parliament, London, England

    The film Idiocracy isn’t that far from the truth and worth a watch :)
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  16. Edski675

    Edski675 Administrator Staff Member

    My mother had a blue badge, which I would display whenever I went anywhere with her. But so often the disabled bays were full - with not a blue badge in sight. Often disabled bays are bigger than the bog standard ones, meaning that you can get a wheelchair alongside the car, and they often have a ramp instead of a kerb, so you can push the wheelchair onto the pavement without lifting it. There's quite a few in Eastbourne just like this, but usually we had to park quite some way away. It's so selfish.

    In France the disabled bays always have a sign 'Si vous prenez ma place, prenez mon handicap aussi' (if you take my space, take my disability too) - we should have the same here.
  17. There needs to be something done. People do the same with parent and child bays in the super market of the have a 4x4 or something big to park. If people haven't got a badge or a child wardens should be able to relieve them of the air in their tyres. See if they like have to have their lives made more difficult.
  18. Plenty of ignorant people around. At my store I have warned people for parking their work vans in disabled bays to "just nip in" anyway this builder got ticketed by one of my team and he came in ranting. I explained he needs to display a badge and I had warned him we will start to ticket vehicles told him to ring the number for appeal and explain to them why he's been ticketed.....
  19. Rossgo


    Location: Landed on Mars
    Problem is this sort of thing happens all the time. The supermarkets managers would have to dedicate his time just shooing off all the able bodied drivers from the parking spaces or kid spaces. Although I do remember one time this young guy pulled up in Sainsbury car park (when I worked there) in his swanky car to get some cash out. This little old lady had a right go at him. I thought it was quite entertaining at the time as she was so frail and she looked like she couldn't harm a fly but managed to take on some lad!
  20. I parked in a diabled bay the other day. A parking warden came up to me and said, "So whats your disability then?". I simply stated, "Tourettes Syndrome you cunt, now fuck off."
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