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Starter issue.

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Tweaks' started by oldgit, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. oldgit


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    So battery good, reg/rec good, alternator good.
    Turn on ignition, hit starter and the bike will turn for 2 or 3 turns then stop. Everything re-primes and it will turn over for another 2 or 3 turns. Any ideas?

    Wont start by the way.
  2. Open the throttle slightly while cranking
  3. Renboy


    Boost your bike from a car battery and try again. Bad starter *shouldn't* make the bike cycle like that.
  4. I have just had the displeasure of removing the starter from a Daytona 675R for a customer. Iit was pulling so much current that the battery would go flat after two cranking attempts. After removing half of the engine (everything above the starter motor) and finding a path through the remains that was left I was able to disassemble the starter. I found that the brushes had disintegrated. It looked as if one pair of brushes had worn out before the other and all of the starting current had passed through the remaining set. This caused so much current to pass through the remaining brushes that they gouged a groove in the commutator that is almost through the copper slats. The armature is now scrap but cannot be replaced on its own. I cannot purchase one through Denso who made it and our local dealers want about Aus$750 for a new starter which I presume is of the same construction and will do the same thing again. Has anyone else had this problem. The starter is common to a few models and after surfing the net a bit many people have had the same problem. Is the an after market unit available or had triumph designed a starter that has a reduction gearbox and spins at a higher speed so it doesn't need a four brush commutator
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  5. Zx128k


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    Hi.does the bike turn over at normal speed of is it slow to turn over?
  6. VW911


    I had exactly the same issues.
    Turned out to be an iffy starter.
    Replaced the starter motor, been good ever since...
  7. Check the starter current when cranking. When I got my one apart I found the brushes had disintegrated and the commutator was wrecked. Needed a new starter. Freight and starter came to over A$800. OUCH!! Seems to be a design fault. Starter has four brushes and when one set no longer rubs on the commutator all of the starter current passes through the other brush set. This eats the commutator as it is not designed to take this sort of load. When I pulled it apart all that was left of the brushes was a pile of carbon dust.
  8. Renboy


    I have a spare starter in my garage I don't need.
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