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Thundersport GB 500 Cadwell Park 27-29 May.

Discussion in 'Bobby Campbell Racing' started by trackdaybob, May 22, 2017.

  1. Bad. Then good. Used wrong crash helmet in first race. Couldn't bloody see so pulled in after 2 laps :mad:
    2nd race, rain came proper. I finished 16 overall and 5th in class. Another lap and I may have sneaked a podium. We'll never know.
    It's Mallory next and I'm already chomping at the bit.
    In the meanwhile there's the trackday tomorrow to look forward to.
  2. StMarks

    StMarks PTG

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    Could have been a lot worse, decent result & no damage to either you or the bike.
    Pretty certain there's a few of us who would be chuffed enough to manage a 1:48 round Cadders' on our 675, let alone on a CB.? :clap:
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  3. What he said!
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  4. Good first race, terrible second race

    Race 1: P6, 2nd in the freshman
    Race 2: Lost the stone cold wet front going to the grid coming out of the old hairpin....It didn't help having a red hot dry rear either.
  5. Keith15


    Location: Aberdeen
    Just read that on your Facebook page. Bit of a coont but well done on your other results.

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