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Track day newbie

Discussion in 'General' started by CountCatula, May 17, 2019.

  1. Hi all

    I have my first track day on the 29th at my home track Cadwell Park. I am really looking forward to it on my 2015 D675R, but am after some advice please. I have trawled through old posts to try and get the answer but it is a bit vague.

    I think the static noise test at Cadwell is 6500rpm and a level of no more than 105db... I currently have just the arrow slip on fitted, and the triumph standard map.. I have taken the baffle out and want to know if anyone knows what this set up normally registers... As if it it close to the level. I need to source a baffle as can't find mine!

    I didn't now also, whether I can rock up on a different day when they are doing track days and just get it noise checked? Any ideas etc... Would an MOT centre have a noise measure??

    Thanks in advance
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  2. My 675 has straight through with arrow and passed no probs at cadwell mate
  3. Thanks fella, I have bypassed the exup as well but reassuring to know I will be under. Don't want to rock up and get turned away.

    Just as a matter of interest, how did you find Cadwell is it perfect for the 675r
  4. Rawhide


    Location: Hastings
    I wouldn’t be too sure mate different bikes can vary a lot and even 1 bike can be different on different days. Mine can go from being well under without the baffle to very close with baffle in and way over without it.
    Yes you can get it tested on any other track day beforehand but if comes in just under don’t be too sure of it passing on the day you’re doing.
  5. 0S2


    Location: Sweden
    I have only ridden Cadwell once and that was some years ago as part of a forum meeting. It was a damp couple of days but it's a fun track and ideal for the 675 I would say.
    There are a few members here who know the track very well and I'm sure they will say something later.
    Enjoy it, get the mirrors off, speedo taped up and don't look behind... have fun :)
  6. Mines a 1st gen daytona so perhaps the longer exhaust will make a difference noise wise? Thought the 675 was perfect for cadwell. One of my favs ive ridden. Just enjoy it mate.
  7. Rawhide


    Location: Hastings
    So is mine, standard pipes, exup in place just arrow end can. It’s ranged from 98-102 with baffle and 101-106 without on different days/tracks.
  8. MrGman


    Location: East Sussex
    My 2015 with a arrow can and baffle struggle with 101 days, they say a baffle drops on average 4-5DB so make of that what you will.

    If i were you i'd try and get a baffle, you'll have enough stuff to keep you occupied if it's your first day without having to worry about noise testing.

    I've got some evotech mirror blanking plates if they're any interest to you?

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