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You gotta laugh

Discussion in 'Rants & Raves' started by Edski675, Aug 14, 2014.

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    ...at people who are totally, totally oblivious to the presence of others...

    Riding home down a country lane, it's just wide enough for two cars, this mong in one of those horrific Renault high roofed things that looks the bastard stepchild... she drove down it so damn slow, I could see her knuckles were tight on the steering wheel, she didn't once look in the mirror and she must've been hearing impaired as she didn't hear my noisy bike... well she crawled down the middle of the lane at about 20, at first I was annoyed but then I saw the funny side of it, I didn't get the bike out of first, and backed off a bit in case she panicked and slammed on the brakes, and sort of meandered down the road. When we got to the main road I got past, she didn't even look up.

    Scary really.
  2. Makes you wonder if they even have a licence and, if so, what dirty stuff they did to get it because it definitely wasn't awarded for competence behind the wheel.
  3. My late grandad never needed to take a test to get his full licence. So there's probably a few more of these ticking time bombs still out there :eek: I remember as a kid being shit scared on the back seat when he and nan took me out on weekend outings. Even worse his cars never had seat belts in the back, and he never wore his anyway.

    Multi lane roundabouts like the one near Clatterbridge Hospital on the Wirral were a matter of close your eyes and cling on (me and him...).

    And he wore perforated leather driving gloves, I mean FFS...
  4. D41


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    Not to sound racist, but you drive into Little Saigon & those feckers are everywhere.....trouble is you've got some 80 year-old guy who just moved here, and is driving for the first time ever...I usually stay away from that area.

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