About 675.cc

The birth of 675.cc

On the 18th of October 2007 675.cc was born. Initially created to test the limits of the popular forum software phpbb. It soon gained interest and it was evident there was a need for a UK based Daytona 675 community.

As the Daytona 675 and Street Triple filtered into the UK market, owners and fans found our little corner of the internet. It soon become a buzzing small community of like minded riders.

Above, 675.cc first design (made in 2007)

675.cc Meets Time Line

» In September 2009 we had our first official ride-out, tagged as the 675 fest and led by Edski675 leaving Shrewsbury and heading to Barmouth, Wales. It was the start of more official ride-outs! Click here to see the original route

First 675.cc Meet
Above, Image from the 2009 675.cc Fest

» On the 15th December 2009 we organised a Triumph Factory tour, this was a fantastic operation to witness bikes on the production line and meet fellow members of 675.cc. We only had 12 slots which filled extremely quick.

Factory Tour
Above, Image from the Factory Tour in 2009

» On the 12th of June 2010 we organised the 675.cc Fest 2010, our second official ride out. We chose to base the ride in Plymouth, mainly because our fellow forum member ‘Triple N’ was the only Daytona owner in the South West (it would seem). The weather was cracking and the turn out was brilliant. Click here to view the original route!

2010 Fest
Above, Image from the 2010 675.cc Fest

» On the 18th of June 2011, we had out third installment of the 675.cc Fest. This was based in the Peak District and was our largest turn-out of members. This just showed how much we were growing over the years! Click here to view the original route!

2011 Fest
Above, Image from the 2011 675.cc Fest

» On the 29th of April 2012 we based our fourth ride-out in the South East, starting and ending at Wrotham, Kent. We planned an amazing route to the south coast and back. Unfortunately the weather was not on our side and it was heavy rain all day. None the less, dedicated members persisted and completed the ride.

2012 Fest
Above, Image from the 2012 675.cc Fest

» On the 29th June 2013 we based our fifth ride-out in Oxfordshire. It was organised by fkkr1s, and what a route it was. Split into two parts, part one and part 2. All went to plan, apart from a certain German built bike leading the pack! (yes all bikes welcome to our meets!)

Fest 2013
Above, Image from the 2013 675.cc Fest

» On May the 10th 2014 our sixth ride-out was based back in Shrewsbury, stretching across into Wales. Part one of the ride and Part two of the ride.

Fest 2014
Above, Image from the 2014 675.cc Fest

Site Upgrade

Early 2015 675.cc underwent a complete new makeover. The 7-year old phpbb system was failing constantly and was riddled with bugs. This made it difficult to keep running and secure for years to come. A campaign was set out looking for donations to cover 50% of the upgrade costs.

We achieved our targets with thanks to the following people:

Thomas Green, Raymund Hart, Bobby Campbell, Ash Smith, Paul Wilkinson, Dan Jones, Martin Affinito, Damian Woolfall, Daniella Baxter, Paul McDonald, Rob Pole, Stuart Berry, Jamie Sloan, Stephen Pilsworth, Andrew Crawford, Simon Wotton, Andy Robinson, Luke Batty, John Barnfield, Frank Kocsis, Stuart Robertson, John Plumstead, Captain Steffydog, Mathew Craven, Andrew Stevens, Ed Austin, Nigel Fulton, Gerry Alden, Stuart Robertson, Paul Waugh, Barry Bridgman, Michael Hutton, Si Noke, Josh Yeo, Darren Harrison, Roger Shanks, Richard Brown, Fiona Macpherson, Mark Burrows, David Furley, Robert Patterson, Richard John, Craig Stratton, Richard Oseland, David Keen, BikeTuna.co.uk, Mark Aldridge, Keith Cronin, Lloyd Shelley, Lisa Cunningham, Ross Pring, Carl Parris, Joey Wong, John Millar, Andrew Brookes, Nicci Gillam, John Bennett, Peter Keys, James Robertson, John Snaith, Giuseppe Lattuca, Richard Collins, Philip Simpson, Steven Sweetzer, Amy Neale, Phillip Carter, M H U Hasan, John Barnfield, Roy Pressland, Sarah Farwell, Michael Robson, Gerald Simpson, Glyn McCallum, David Furley, Michael Jefferson, Teresa Wood, Tony Bartels, Matt Leese, Stephen Elliott, Paul Cooper, Alex Barrett, John Bennett, James O’Brien, Timo Pohjalainen.

Above, Screenshot of the old design before the upgrade

About Us

675.cc is independent to Triumph Motorcycles. It is a non-profit making site, and owned privately. We have a pledge to keep the site running for years to come and hopefully helping and informing owners and fans of the Triumph 675.

This site would never of made it over the last 8 years without everyone support.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact Craig via the forum.