Henry McConnell (henrymc)

Henry McConnellHenry first introduced himself here in May 2009 and since then he’s been an avid member offering valuable support, advice and opinions to the community. He had a huge passion for the 675, and owned a superb 2006 graphite model which soon became a blue/white custom one-off paint job featuring peculiar detailing throughout.

Since joining Henry attended various organised meets through the site including the first 675.cc meet and the Triumph factory tour. For those lucky enough to of met him, it was immediately apparent that he was a genuine and thoughtful person. Due to his genuine and thoughtful manner we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to add him to the staffing team.

On the 20th of March 2010, Henry sadly lost his life on his 675. News of the tragedy was difficult to accept and come to terms with. Not only he left his friends, family and partner behind but also his unborn child.

In June Henry’s baby was born healthily and named Annie. We are very lucky to see Annie as the official youngest forum member under the user name “AnnieMc”. We will look forward to further AnnieMc posts in the near future! 🙂

675.cc decided to try and raise a small amount of money to pass onto Jo (Henry’s partner) as a gesture of our thoughts. We managed to raise a total of £1020.00 through member donations and merchandise profits. It was our pleasure to pass the money along knowing it’s a great sign of support that everyone was showing. This page has been created so that Henry is not forgotten here, please feel free to leave any comments below (registration is required).

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  1. kingfixer

    21st April 2015

    Still think about you mate, i went along the same road on Sunday that we did on our last ride together on.:-(

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