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1 headlight cars

Discussion in 'Rants & Raves' started by panteleimon, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. panteleimon


    Thread Starter

    Do these drive anyone else mad? I've been finding myself getting more & more worked up with each i see. And there seem to be more & more of them these days.

    With the nights getting dark, & especially if raining, you need to be able to see what's coming. (& how wide it is - you think it's a bike until it gets in your headlights & you see it's a van).

    On top of this, they usually have the working headlight on high beam, so you're blinded at the same time!

    I'm sure they can't be road legal. In the states you'd be pulled by the cops.

    I guess they're too busy with catching bikers with small licence plates.
  2. Back when I was a lad you would get pulled for 'lights out' by the old bill :? these days the only time lights get checked is at the MOT station. Just goes to prove that coppers being replaced by speed cameras does nothing for road safety :roll: Speed cameras never see bad driving or vehicle defects :x There's nothing like a mark 1 eye ball for that job. Who of you would complain about being pulled to point a fault you hadn't spotted :?: What ever happened to the police issueing 'fixer' tickets for minor defects :!:
  3. D41


    Location: Orange, CA
    Totally agree!! - Plus, how hard is it to fix a headlight?? - Usually takes 10 mins. & $15 for a new bulb!
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    It’s the opposite here (and certain US states) as it’s the law to drive with the lights on. My car is an import to Sweden and I'm flashed all the time as I forget to put them on.

    I'm in agreement about single headlight users as it can be very scary on the minor roads
  5. Yeah I agree with all the points on here. Cops cant spot a fooking battered van or crappy car with 1 headlight on, but I know some1 who got pulled and fined coz the letters on his plate were 1.5mm to small bstads.

    Also why do some nobheads ride round with their fog lights on all the time. Think they are driving a fookin rally car on a night stage.
  6. Davetona

    Davetona Moderator Staff Member

    Location: East Kent Coast
    Foglights. Thats my pet hate. When i'm out in the van and a car pulls alongside that has fogs on i hold up a sign that says 'WHERE'S THE F*CKING FOG?'
  7. wot an idea im so gonna make a sign like that lol
  8. Edski675

    Edski675 Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah those one headlight cars are a menace.

    Just like one headlight bikes :lol:
  9. D41


    Location: Orange, CA

    LOL :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. Rowly


    This problem of driving with only one headlamp is going to increase as manufacturers have designed headlamp units that are inaccessible to us humans, most are only accessible by way of removing half the front end of your car, bumpers, spoilers, trims and enough fixings for shares in Screwfix, this problem was highlighted on watchdog a while ago where customers had taken their cars to the dealers to get a headlamp bulb changed only to pick up a bill for £130, that will be 2 hours labour at £50 plus bulb £30 :eek: unless of course you do it yourself and thats where the problem is most of us cant be bothered or refuse to be ripped off or simply cant do it so the problem increases until your unlucky enough to get pulled over by the plod and then you get a ticket to produce a fully legal vehicle 7 days later, so if you are one of those car drivers with only one headlamp do the sensible thing old chap and get the fooking thing fixed :x
  11. henrymc


    Location: lincoln
    Just another way to rip of the ordinary man/woman by the car Dealerships/manufacturers.
    The dealerships charge up to £100 per hour or more if its BMW or Merc and the like, but the guys that do the work only get £9/£10 per hour,
    thieving robbing B******s then say "oh its overheads", the Mechanics get set times to do all the jobs on the list of things that need doing to the car, everything is done on time and F***ING motion, thats why sometimes things are not done right as the guys are rushing the job, once again its not to make a honest profit but to maxamise profits. i worked for about seven years fitting out car showrooms and i have seen the whole setup,
  12. kingfixer


    Location: bristol
    I do about 25000 miles a year 30000 including the bike, i can't believe how many cars i have seen that only have 1 headlight now that it is getting dark early. When i got pulled off the plod for speeding i bet no one got done for 'defective lighting' :whaa:
  13. D41


    Location: Orange, CA
    Many, many years ago back in Blighty, I got pulled over in me XR2 (yes I was one of THOSE guys) for a broken headlamp:
    PC - "This your car, son??"
    D41 - "Yes."
    PC - "you're sure??"
    D41 - (wtf?) "Yes, quite sure."
    PC - "Do you know why I stopped you, son?"
    D41 - (because you're a git) "Er...My headlamp?? - It just broke yesterday, I'm having it fixed tomorrow."
    PC - "Doesn't matter son - I'm going to have to write you up for it!!"
    D41 - "What about you, then?"
    PC - "What do you mean, 'what about you'?"
    D41 - "Well, your headlamp is broken too!!"
    Plod turns to look at his car with an expression of slowly-dawning comprehension;
    PC - "In that case Sir (I'm a 'sir' now) - have a good evening and drive safe."

    I rule!! :lol:
  14. Cars with one headlight is my pet hate!

    I just thinks it shows absolutely no awareness if you drive around with one light.

    As for fog lights....my best mate is an officer of the law, and he likes nothing better than to pull people with their fog lights on. He also asks them "Is it foggy Sir?!"

  15. the fog light switch has two postions on & off please use both
  16. andysjt


    Location: staffordshire
    well what about cars with no headlights ? ....not joking i popped to Tesco & Texaco tonight about 20 mins round trip ,what did i see ? not 1 but 3 cars with no lights on , i know this time of year don’t help but for god sake .

    My wife works on the motorway services so if she does a late i pick her up about 11.30 ,one Saturday night last year i was suddenly faced with a car traveling the wrong way around the motorway island, i kid you not.
  17. henrymc


    Location: lincoln
    I have read some where, i think it was in the MCN that there is new law comeing in this year where all cars are to have their headlights switched on at all times :!:
  18. Rowly


    The reason for this Henry is because we now have to comply with our new bosses, European parliament who now set all the laws ,well most of them in our what was our sovereign country, blame the so called Lisbon treaty which we were promised a vote on Mr Brown!!! Anyway end of rant, "where was I, oh yes the headlamps", the first point is this government are so obsessed with climate change and Britain's carbon footprint TAX TAX and more TAX to you and me then why oh why are we been ordered to put our headlamps on during daylight hours using yet evermore fuel and churning out evermore co2 gases, its us bikers that need to be seen, forcing all vehicles to use their headlamps during daylight hours wont prevent us getting T boned, the only advantage we'll have is seeing a flash of light before we get pasted against someones fooking bumper, :x
  19. Please buy your copper mate a pint for me.... when he isnt driving obviously ;)
  20. What about the ones that drive around on side/parking lights. The clues in the name :!: Not such a problem when its dark, but when it foggy, you can't see them until there on top of you. I have had a couple of 'moments' when pulling out of juctions on to main roads :eek: Funny how they can find the hi-beam flash then :roll: I never see the point of driving on side lights, if the visability is poor enough to put on lights, put your head lights on :evil:

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