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12 months jail for speeding

Discussion in 'General' started by spike, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. spike


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    Location: oswestry
    David Saxby was pursued by PC David Smith after the officer noticed Saxby's bike had an illegal number plate. PC Smith claimed he rode at speeds of up to 139mph to keep up with offender. At one point in the video Saxby can be seen overtaking on the brow of a hill while on the wrong side of the road.

    Judge Roger Thorn QC said Saxby's riding was "a shocking and dangerous piece of driving."

    Saxby was jailed for 12 months, disqualified from driving for four years and ordered to take an extended driving test.
    personally i think this a very harsh sentance for a speeding offence, as quoted the police officer said he rode at these speeds to catch up with the offender, surely he would of been riding faster, to catch up!
    i agree the speed may be excesive but i believe it was on an open road
    just curious on the thoughts of my 675 brethren?
  2. andysjt


    Location: staffordshire
    can’t see much in the clip till he pulls them over , the frame it too small
    Anyway if it’s as published in the press then ok ,

    this is a common situation, bikes & cars can be seen at this speed most weekends , i find it interesting that the cops follow speeders for miles sometimes at the same speed or faster which in my opinion is just as dangerous , i believe in this case the guy on the bike was more qualified than the copper following him having his advanced test & an instructors license , this however was his undoing as the judge decided that he should have known better and that he had to make an example of him
    there is a clip on YouTube where an undercover cop on a bike follows a biker for 10 minutes at a similar speed though villages past schools ect ,but didn’t identify himself & stop this guy ,just kept goading him to ride faster , bloody irresponsible if you ask me

    As for his punishment well ..it’s all too familiar now isn’t it , feel sorry for the guy ,yes he was wrong but the punishment does not fit the crime , seems to me that the coppers have had the green light to get big bikes of the road by any means

    how many rides on here haven't opened it up down a country lane ....eh
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    All I'm thinking is who decided to release this clip into the public domain and for what end?

    On one hand its illegal to photograph a British bobby but on the other, its ok to release a video clip of fat copper bringing a biker to justice!

  4. D41


    Location: Orange, CA
    Absolute crap!!! 1 year is WAY too steep for something like this + the cop should be reprimanded for driving in an equally dangerous manner. I've seen this story on other sites - defo not cool IMO
  5. Bloody ridiculas sentance. Ban yes, jail no.
  6. kingfixer


    Location: bristol
    The copper could do with running after the bike, the fat b*stard..........ridiculous !!!!
  7. SV_Justin


    Location: Kent
    What a great bit of road! Absolute bast**ds. 12 months, what a joke! Go catch the murderers, rapists and pikeys that stole my caravan!!! Easy target, no wonder people have no respect for the police these days. I certainly dont are being taken to court over a traffic offence I didnt commit and then finally being found not guilty after a year; shove that in your pipe and smoke it Sussex traffic Cops, grrrr!!!
  8. D41


    Location: Orange, CA
    The most ridiculous part is, if they had banned & fined him - then they could have profited from it - now the British taxpayer has to foot the bill for the Court being "over-zealous".

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