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300+ miles review (CBR RR vs 675)

Discussion in 'General' started by Falkirk300zx, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. Falkirk300zx


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    I've not really posted a lot on the forum, but I have recently noticed a fair amount of first owners of the 675 and here is my first impressions.

    I rode a CBR600RR4 (on a 05 plate) and had 6500 of 99.99% of reliability riding and the only thing that ever stuck/jammed/broke was the rear brake light switch. Apart from that, brill bike.

    Anyway, the 675. First impression a very narrow bike and very light handling, but overall very happy.

    300 miles in and after my first couple of decent rides (journeys of 70+ miles), here is my thoughts:

    1. The rear brake locks the wheel a bit too easily for me. Is this a tyre issue rather than a brake??? Unsure!!
    2. The heat shield is terrible for the underseat exhaust.
    3. A bit thirsty, I got 70 miles for my tenner.

    Apart from the usual new bike tentative riding, my 300 miles have been great. However, a direct comparison between the CBR and the 675, I'd say so far the CBR is a better all round bike. After a couple of rides up to the Green Welly, this may change......... I'll just have to wait an see!!
  2. Hi,

    To be honest, I've not noticed any of the problems you have experienced. That said, I'm newish back to riding so may not be riding as hard as you.

    I have had to brake hard a few times though and not experience the lock up.

    What do you mean by the heat shield is terrible? I need to stick panniers on it in a month or so and I don't want them to melt.

    I'm getting about a 100 to 120 miles between lights coming on. Not sure if this is normal or not.
  3. jimjam39


    Location: Wrexham
    I was getting about 140 ish miles before getting the light on my 07 bike. That was varying the riding style too. Sometimes giving it some welly and sometimes taking it easy .
  4. Rowly


    Fuel consumption on a sports bike has never been a consideration when deciding
    what make or model to buy, it would be fair to say riding the 675 hard you are
    not going to get save the polar bear economy, I don't think there are many
    dealer salesman out there that have been asked the question "hey mate what
    does this do to the gallon" its usually how fast does it go, you are never going to
    bust your wallet if you only ride in the summer months with most of that spent
    on weekends and evenings anyway ;)
  5. Falkirk300zx


    Thread Starter

    I was just surprised at the fuel consumption, as I was riding it in a similar fashion to the CBR.

    The heat shield issue is that the seat heats up when the exhaust hits 'running temp' and gives you a very warm behind! If my leathers were not padded it may actually be quite uncomfortable.

    My intention is only to compare the 675 against a rival so we new owners/potential buyers can read/develop unbiased opinion.

  6. The comparison is apreciated and for potential buyers, needed.

    I get 600 miles to £60 in my diesel car. So think that the same £ p/mile on the bike is pretty good going.

    As for the warm behind. my seat and my pillion don't get warm at all. I'd just check that the heat shield is fitted correctly. Does anyone else notice this?
  7. nope , never had a problem with the heatshield. the back of my right thigh can get some heat if you have to sit still for long enough, apart from that.....no probs.

    usually get about 120 miles between fuel lights.

    The back brake is a little sharp on my bike too,(only gets used once in a blue moon though), i'd be more tempted to trail it a bit going into the faster bends if it was a bit softer.
  8. JDB


    Location: NW Hampshire, UK
    .. just a thought can you not adjust the rear pedal to give a little more travel - might help to avoid locking it up?
    Ref heat shield only really noticeable after long runs and and then sitting in traffic for me - but not enough to be uncomfortable.
  9. I'll lock her up if I'm being too aggressive downchanging, but generally find I like the control the engine beaking gives. I think the main reason I'd lock the back up is down to using too much rear brake :oops: (i.e being rubbish) anyway I kinda like drifting into roundabouts :eek: :twisted:

    There's a noticable tank range difference depending on the quality of fuel your using. I get about 120 out of 95 but had up to 160 on the good stuff (98)

    Heat shield :?: - I thought that was a design feature to encurage winter riding ;)
  10. Jap_Sti_3


    Location: Rochdale
    Well as most of you know i use the best every day for work exept in snow and ice. :eek:
    Heat from the exaust as been Ok and never felt out of order. :)
    Mileage........who really gives a sh......... whoops sorry :?

    As for locking up rear brake................... what rear brake does it have one :oops: tried it once and it woks :lol:

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