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675 ditch surfing

Discussion in 'General' started by Edski675, May 11, 2009.

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    No not me, this is my mate Mark. He was on his way to the ride on Saturday, had arrived at Drew and Lily's house in Halesowen (from the Isle of Wight) and they went for a ride when this happened.

    Nasty pic of bike in ditch on page 1, also of bashed street sign that Mark's head hit.

    For pics that will really make you cry, look at post #83 on page 9.

  2. Rowly


    First, I'm please to hear your mate has no life threatening injuries, he will feel
    a little saw for a while, but the pain and expense of putting that bike back
    together again will be somewhat harder to forget. :(

    I noticed your mates bike didn't have any crash mushrooms, fork or swinging arm
    bobbins or engine covers, in your view would any of the above in this incident
    saved some of the damage to his bike :?:
  3. Edski675


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    Almost certainly, I think. A stator cover might have saved all that damage to the engine. Maybe mushrooms would have saved much of the fairing damage. Dfficult to tell but I'm fairly certain that the engine would not be so badly mashed.

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