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Abba Stand

Discussion in 'General' started by crj, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. crj


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    Location: Staffs
    I've heard that using a paddock stand by yourself isn't the safest thing to do, has anyone got or used an Abba Stand?
  2. redtrumpet


    Location: Bedford
    I had one made as a copy (work shop did it for me for free!) when I had my YZF750 and it worked fine and was pretty stable. I use a Foxley on the trumpet now http://www.paddockstands.com/3.html
  3. JDB


    Location: NW Hampshire, UK
    Abba are very good and well built, you need to have the right adapters to fit the swing arms pivots - or if like me you have crash bobbins on them you need to make friends with someone who has a lathe.
    Because the bike pivots on the stand you can lift the front wheel if you add some weight to the back -useful for cleaning etc.
    I currently use 2 of these - http://www.mamut.net/webshopzonneveld/subdet32.htm - (3rd picture down in red) called a Motor Mover - not sure they are still made - but come up occasionally on Ebay. 2 of them means I can move the bike out of the way in the garage - mine were around £30 secondhand!
    You wont get a Abba front stand under the sump its too low on a 675 - i've tried.
  4. ive got one...good gadget and easy to use on your own
  5. yup me too. great stand, easy to use and with a few ground anchors and a ratchet strap you can pivot the back end down and take both wheels off.

    expensive for what it is but then depends.....I'd rather spend my time ridin than buggerin about gettin one made up.

    second hand ones on fleabay probably?
  6. just a picture of my 09 se with ABBA stand , fitted , and there`s not that much weight on the front suspension , but i would buy another stand for the forks (for cleaning and new tyre time).

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  7. I just use a standard Oxford paddock stand and am able to put the bike on and off it no problem by myself. I do use R&G bobbins though.
  8. I really regret getting rid of my ABBA stand. I will be buying another after my hols. Anybody need front and rear stands (comes with cups and hooks).

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