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Adjustable Cluth Levers

Discussion in 'General' started by Trinity, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. Trinity


    Thread Starter

    Hi all, does anybody know where I can purchaes an adjustable clutch lever for my '08 675 please without braking the bank? I suffer from wrist pump after an hour. thanks
  2. Pazzos, CRG & ASV levers seem to be the preferred choice.

    I have pazzo's no disocount in the uk £135ish for a pair, i got mine from the states saved around £20.

    There are others on ebay but i hvanet heard any comments about the quality
  3. Errr - theres a FAR FAR cheaper and genuine solution guys!!!!

    Genuine Triumph Adjustable Clutch Lever A9638067

    Cost £22.99 before any discount from any triumph dealer - Pure triumph woburn had 4 in stock. :D:D
  4. spike


    Location: oswestry
    hi trinity,
    without telling you to suck eggs, but have you tried dialing in the standard lever (they are adjustable) to your hand size, the dials on the levers ?
    you wrists may be sitting back and are not inline with the clutch and brake levers, this causes pump, slacken off the allen bolts and move the clutch and brake levers round till there inline with your wrist when you are in your riding position
    also look at your riding positioning, are you a ten to two rider (ie heels on the pegs and feet dropping off to the side) or do you ride on the balls of your feet?
    and lastly look at some stomp grip to also help take some pressure off your wrists.
    hope this helps ;)
  5. towser


    Location: Torryburn
    I got a pair off ebay that came from Germany that were very similar to pazzos. So far quality seems good and no complaints. I did try to get some pazzos from the states but they wouldn't supply outside the US.
  6. Hi Spike,

    Do you have standard levers on? It is only the brake lever that is reach adjustable, the standard clutch lever does not have any reach adjustment.
  7. I was lucky enough to purchase a pair of ASVs for £70.

  8. D41


    Location: Orange, CA
    +1...I've never understood why they set the levers up almost horizontally...the levers should be exactly in line with your forearm...it only takes a few degrees of adjustment to make a huge difference.
  9. I must be 'lucky' - mine came almost as low down as they could go.

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