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Blind car drivers. A sorry tale.

Discussion in 'General' started by Edski675, Sep 6, 2009.

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    Dear friend Kate came to see us today, with her new man Steve. They live down south. They called from Bridgnorth (23 miles south of here) to say where they were, I thought 'self, you'll just have time to meet them at Cross Houses' - which is about 6 miles from here on the A458 road that goes through Bridgnorth. So I togged on my leathers and hopped on the bike and rode over to Cross Houses and waited there at the bus stop pull-in.

    Sure enough they drove past (I know their car), irritatingly there was a Merc M class following far too close so I couldn't pull in behind them. I thought that as they're not into bikes they mightn't like a bike overtaking 2 cars at high speed and pulling in right in front of them but the M class was having none of it, driving just a few feet from the back of their car, so ultimately I had to. Screamed past, pulled in, waved. No recognition. Waved again. Nope, nothing. Indies on, left then right. Nope, still nothing. Now coming towards Shrewsbury very quick, just about at the turn for the A5 Shrewsbury by-pass, I went straight on and sailed past the turn (they know the way) and next thing I saw in the mirror Steve indicating left and turned left onto the A5. WTF???? So I rode home and waited for them, they turned up 5 - 10 mins later.

    Asked them when they arrived, 'didn't you recognise me? I was the bike that overtook you, waved, indies, the lot.' Answer - 'we didn't see any bikes' :roll:

    Just makes me wonder - close friends who know I have a bike, and they've seen me on it bbefore and have seen my leathers, they didn't even see me, I overtook them and waved, indies, the lot. I mean, what the hell do you have to do to make car drivers see you???? They followed me for 3 miles before they turned off left, and didn't even bloody well see me. I took the piss big time.

    But there's a very serious point. To all intents, I was invisible. What more could I do??

  2. andysjt


    Location: staffordshire
    makes you wonder sometimes,
    how many times have you followed a car traveling ponderously slow ?
    you first response is to overtake , but be careful as they are far too involved in looking for road signs or watching the sat nav to even notice you behind them
  3. maybe pulling a wheelie or just going ponderously slow yourself would have caught their attention!
  4. I'm concerned by this new Euro law that is coming in soon that all new cars must have daylight driving lights on (Audi have already adopted this). Using our lights is the only thing that tends to seperate us from the rest of the trafic
  5. SV_Justin


    Location: Kent
    They probably would have noticed you when they crashed in the back and you rolled over the bonnet but even then i'm not so sure with some of the car drivers we see these days. It's scary to think people we know and think of as competant drivers cant see bikes, god help us
  6. D41


    Location: Orange, CA
    Yeah, I hear you, mate - car drivers just don't 'look' for bikes...they don't register with them for some reason.

    I always know when I get in a car with someone whether they're gonna be a decent driver or not.... if they just get in & drive, the chances are they're pretty decent. If, however, getting started requires a bit of 'theatre' (adjusting mirrors, seat, fumbling with the seat-belt etc.), then I know I'm in for a white-knuckle ride.
  7. Your talking about my wife!!!!

    She's only been driving a year but every day she has to do all her pre-flight checks!!!
  8. SV_Justin


    Location: Kent
    I never understand these people. I just think, you adjusted it all last time you drove so why do you need to do it again? The fairies dont come in the car overnight do they?!

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