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Credit crunch

Discussion in 'General' started by Anonymous, May 7, 2009.

  1. Anonymous


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    Hi to all , I think this is going to have to be my last week end with the 675 .
    Due to bad payers :evil: the bike is going to have to go, I'm gutted , I have bonded with the bike so well more than I have done with other bikes I've had. :cry: :cry: :cry:
    Also work is getting a bit tight being a self employed builder.
    Any suggestions where I should put the bike up for sale ?
    All suggestions will be gratefully received .
    One very sad and depressed person :( :(
  2. Rowly


    I'm sorry to hear of your situation, its really having an affect on peoples lives now
    this credit crunch and I wish it could be all over, I know people in the building trade
    going through the same experiences as you and there's nothing anyone can say or
    do to change the way things are at the moment, and I sincerely hope that your luck
    will change soon. As for selling your bike I suppose your best bet is to try MCN or
    local papers,obviously the price and condition will influence how quickly you can
    sell it. Whatever happens I hope the future will see better things for you until
    then I wish you all the best ;)
  3. redfreddie


    Location: Surrey
    sorry to hear that xcbrrider, thats sh!t :( hope work turns around for you soon, maybe before the bike has to go ;)
    Defo put it in MCN, its the 1st place i check for bikes, and also i'd put it in the for sale section on here as any prospective 675 buyers may check this site to see what bikes are for sale.
    Good luck mate and I sincerely hope work picks up very soon for you, I also have friends in the trade and its a tough time but has to turn around at some point
  4. Edski675

    Edski675 Administrator Staff Member

    Oh Ian, no......
  5. I'm really up for this bike but feel sorry for Ian. Just trying to arrange for the pick up of my Daytona 600 so that I can get up to Shrewsbury to collect his gorgeous bike.

  6. andysjt


    Location: staffordshire
    I am Sorry to here this mate ,
    its a shame when you have to give something up you like , i also know how you feel as i am self-employed and know what its like to have bad payers / & not much work , believe me i have thought a lot of times about selling bike / car / house just to make things a bit easier, luckily so far i have managed to get away without doing so

    those of us who are old enough to remember previous recessions know that its just a matter of hanging on in there till the worm turns ,and it will , i am sure things will start to ease a little and start to improve by the fall , remember you are not alone as most people have been effected by the crunch in some way or other , and its not just the building trade either .

    if you have to sell your bike ,could you pick up an older one for a bit ? till things improve , at least then you are still rolling ?

    anyway whatever you decide i hope it works out for you & things improve for you soon

    until then keep safe & keep the faith
    All the best
  7. sorry to hear this mate, hope things pick up soon so you can get yourself another one...
  8. Anonymous


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    Thanks for the replies everyone, :)
    If Gordon Brown started to do his job properly perhaps this country wouldn't be in such a f##king mess.
    What I can't understand is we have bailed the banks out big time and there not prepared to help the public with the sh#t that they have caused us. :x
    Rant over ;)
    If Admiral still wants the bike and buys it I will be looking for a budget bike for about £1200 any ideas ? :?:
  9. I do want the bike Ian and am waiting to hear today wether my buyer can come up with the money by tomorrow, so I can come up for yours Sunday. The other option is take mine and some cash? You can even have it for the trade in price I have on the table by GT Motorcycles if I collect their Graphite Grey 2007 675 on Saturday (£3000).

    2004 minter with 3400 miles on the clock

    Aeroflow screen
    Sebring Can and R&G guard
    R&G frame sliders
    K&N air filter (New 2 weeks ago)
    Black probolt fairing kit (original fastners available)
    Passenger seat and seat cowl
    New Roadsmarts (500 miles)

  10. Edski675

    Edski675 Administrator Staff Member

    I live just a few miles from Ian - his bike is terrific...
  11. Rowly


    Yeah totally agree with that, just from the pics it looks superb :cool:
    Whoever buys it will get a stunning bike :D
  12. jimjam39


    Location: Wrexham
    + 1 , Ive seen it, and sorry to hear about this Ian :(

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