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D 675 v R6

Discussion in 'General' started by andysjt, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. andysjt


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    Location: staffordshire
    just had an ace ride with my mate on his r6 , met up after work & done about 150 mile swopped over half way and i rode the R6 back ,d675 has more torque & i think handles slightly better , got to say from a real world rider there ant much between them , the R6 is defo more comfortable & easier to ride , but i still prefer to be on D675

    anyone compared the two ?
  2. Rowly


    No!! but I would love to compare the D675 with quite a few Jap fours just
    to satisfy my curiosity ;)
  3. Snap, just co confirm what I already know, Ive made the right choice of bike :)
  4. I was going to get an R6 and at the last min changed to the Daytona.

    The problem with the R6 is that there is no real power till higher in the rev range, meaning that you have to change gear all the time.

    This sait, I think the R6 looks amazing.
  5. I had this problem i really wanted an R6 having learnt on my YZFr-125 but i couldnt fit on it properly, im 6feet2 ish, felt like my knees were on my chin, belive it or not the 125 was more comfortable and the seat was higher if i recall the spec.
    I also promised myself i would try all the supersports but never did i got on the D675 and it felt right. have to agree though the i still love the look of the R6 not that keen on the look of the new R1 though TBH.

    I suspect i couldnt tell you the difference on rideability between most bikes but i knew the D675 was easy to ride IMO
  6. spike


    Location: oswestry
    my last bike was an r6 prior to the d675 :D
    personally i think they both had there pros and cons and my personal choice of the two is the d675 ;)
    my r6 was an older model but still a joy to ride.
    where as the d675 has a lot of torque through the gears and is smooth as one way home stated, you are up and down the gears a lot more but the r6 really comes into its own only at the top of its revs were it has a stonking power band lol that just wants to rip your arms out of there sockets :lol: :lol: :lol:
    it was a great feeling i must say :twisted: :twisted:
    handling wise i would say there pretty similar in ability but then i am an average joe and not a pro racer, prior to the r6 i had an zx6r and i felt this bike was faster than the r6 top end but was a lot more work through the twisties, but on the whole the d675 is easier i think because of the smooth power delivery were as the r6 you sometimes came out the corners off the boil if you was in too high a gear.
    im 6ft and 16 stone so again from a personal point of view i think the d675 is slightly more comfier for me...... but not by much lol.
    the riding position is almost identical but i feel the bars are slightly lower on the d675 and the triumph is definately taller in seat hight.
    i would say the r6 seat is slightly more comfier over a long period, but i prefer the suspension on the d675 which is definately stiffer.
    if you ride as fast as you can through the twisties or do a a lot of track days then an r6 is a fantastic bike on the boil but is not very forgiving if you get it wrong the r6 can bite back as its very focused
    the d675 handles as well as an r6 and is more forgiving if you get it wrong and has power through the revs

    all the above is only a personal point of view, i had my r6 for 4 years and my d675 for just over a month, in such a short time i am completely won over by the trumpet and think its a far better bike .......... for me! ;) :D :D
  7. Having just been to the Knott End cafe (big bikers meet near Blackpool) and seen a new R6 with pillion, I'm really glad I got the D675. I'd have had to have changed it as the wife would have killed me!
  8. b4 i got my masterbike i test drove a black n gold 09 plate r6 i was in love with it and on looks alone the r6 wins hands down,BUT! when i took the r6 out i was so so disapointed,i thought it felt total gutless dont get me wrong its a quick bike n seriously flickable but it was strong cross winds and at 1 point i nearly went into the centre reservation at 140 was a scary momment i didnt like the clutch sensor system either,maybe it could be adjusted tho?? when i took out the 675 it just felt so refined and planted to the road and u could feel the grunt going through your body it felt smooth but raw n thats what sold it for me! oh and the noise hehe :mrgreen:
  9. We are all different and ride different so what suits some is crap for others. I have been a Ninja man all my days and only recently got a Daytona 675.

    I think they all have their pros and are fabulous bikes. No one makes crap bikes in the supersport class. I took out a CBR600RR and I hated it but others think it is the bees knees.

    I loved my Ninja and so far the Daytona is a dream also.

    The most positive things about the Triumphs are the exclusivity and the sound. The Jap fours are so similar to ride so if you want something different then it is a no-brainer.
  10. andysjt


    Thread Starter

    Location: staffordshire

    thats hit the nail on the head

    + 1 for me

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