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Daytona 675 vs CBR 600RR

Discussion in 'General' started by rjmunns, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. rjmunns


    Thread Starter

    You will all be pleased to know i have just ordered my NEW 675 SE.

    However i had an interesting test ride on both the 675 and the Honda 600RR.

    I currently have a 2001 CBR 600 and wanting a new bike there is no doubt the 675 is the best looking sports bike and hence was my first choice. I was amazed at just how much the 675 wants to lean and how easy it was to ride and how much fun it was at lower speed. It also felt like a 250cc with more power, nimble and punchy. Not to mention the growl or the tripple!! Fantastic.

    I was sold!!!

    However to satisfy that other bikes werent even better i rode the new CBR. First impression is how dull the styling is and the nissan cherry clocks (who designed them honda) It felt heavy to start but then there was no denying the punch of the engine in the power band, just asking you to push harder and harder. A fantastic ride but without the style.

    Im not sure if im the only one when buying a new bike (My first) but this class is so close and chosing is very difficult. In the end being different, british and better looking sold the triumph. I now have 2-3 weeks agonising wait for delivery. I also got carried away and its coming with all the carbon, seat cowl, clear led light and a few other nice bits. I cant wait!!!
  2. jimjam39


    Location: Wrexham
    Congrats ! Im glad to hear you had the common sense to get a test ride on the CBR, at least now you know the one you bought is the one for you :D
  3. SteveH


    Location: Oxford-ish
    I did exactly the same thing when I was changing my bike and the 675 won it out for me also. I tried all the jap 600 class, and found them all to be very boom or bust. Absolutely great if your running at the top of the rev range all the time but if you want a nice slow bimble out, completely useless!

    When test riding the CBR600rr, I got caught in the wrong gear coming up a slip road (I'd just got off a Ducati torque monster and onto the honda so ws expecting a little torque) and found a Nissan Micra being driven by an old grinner actually getting bigger in my mirror! Then when I finally hit the 8k rpm magic number the thing tried to spit me off the back. Totally un-impressed, and like you say the styling of the Jap crew is currently pretty awful, massively overstyled IMO.

    Had my 675 for about 5 months now and couldn't be happier with it. So happy in-fact I have 2 trackdays booked next week. Can't wait, just praying for good weather!


  4. crj


    Location: Staffs
    I part ex'ed a 2000 CBR in for my Daytona, and as good as it was I can only say I'll never regret the swap for the exact same reasons as you've discovered.

    2-3 weeks will seem like an eternity, but believe me, it'll be well worth the wait
  5. I must say that I only test rode the 675.....

    I wanted one since I first saw the BIKE special pull out the year before it was released....and from that point it was just a waiting game!

    I test rode it to make sure it lived up tp the hype and was sold straight away.....the rest is history.

    675 all the way for me....unless they bring out that 1050!
  6. I was offered a new CBR600RR on an 08 plate pre registered and at 0% finance but I really wanted the triple. Good choice.
  7. Edski675

    Edski675 Administrator Staff Member

    I hadn't even ridden a 675 when I bought mine. I just knew I wanted one so went ahead and ordered it over the phone :D And it didn't and doesn't disappoint.
  8. I test rode the 675 but took me about 2 mins to decide it was my next bike. I think its the best looking 600by a mile. I like it more every time I ride it.
    Before I bought it I test rode a Ducati 1098S which was awesome, but for most use I prefer the 675.

    Im sure you will love your bike
  9. i test rode my new one....dunno why cos i already had one :?: shouldve ridden a few more more different bikes for comparison i spose...hey ho..another opportunity missed
  10. I tried the Ducati 848, the GSXR600 and the R6 before getting the 675.

    The honda seemed too "sensible" for me.

    The 675 seemed to be the best all rounder. :)
  11. andysjt


    Location: staffordshire
    ha ha i like your style

    i have never bothered test riding any of my bikes , i figure that no bike i buy is going to be that bad, so worst case i will live with it for a year then swap it in

    t/b/h . if i had test rode the 675 i would not have had it , coming form a 955 triple ,the riding position was a total shock , when i picked it up from the dealers i had to ride back through Brum in rush hour
    remember thinking i can’t live with this i am going to take it back
    but once i got use to it its well ...Ace ....
  12. rjmunns


    Thread Starter

    I found the honda sensible untill you were gunning it. The triumph was more fun at normal speeds which i think is probably a good thing.

    How did you find the 848 compared to the 675. I was going to ride it but discounted it on cost and i dont think it looks any better than the 675

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