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Driving License

Discussion in 'General' started by OnlyOneWayHome, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. OnlyOneWayHome


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    Location: Lancashire

    I had to send my driving license off for the address to be updated. I got my new one back no problem within a couple of days.

    I was in Hein Gerike getting a new lid on Sat and told them how quick it had been. They asked to see my license and gave a sigh of relief when they saw it. It seems that the DVLA have been sending replacement licenses back without the bike entitlement on it. Then the person has to re-sit their bike test to get it back.

    The guys in Hein Gerike in Preston said that they had seen this more than a few times. There advice was to photocopy your license before sending it off.
  2. redfreddie


    Location: Surrey
    I've heard about this to !! Seems like madness that they can do that and then you have to resit your test. I had heard that even having a photocopy made no difference but no idea whether that is true or not ! I had to send mine back the other week and the first thing i checked was the bike entitlement, maybe stick a note in with it pointing out you have a bike license ;)
  3. Rowly


    My license is due for renewal next year and have already taken measures to
    make sure this doesn't happen, I have scanned both the green and counterpart
    of the license and have saved them to my laptop also I have made copies of
    them, When I send it off to the DVLA I will be pointing out my driving entitlement
    and inform them that copies have been made so any missing entitlements will
    be challenged, Although this a rare problem it does happen as you have said
    and I have also read about this problem in a past edition of MCN so make sure
    you take steps if your license is sent to the DVLA. Remember they don't always
    get it right ;)
  4. Rowly


    This weeks MCN have a page on the subject again, even a police rider
    has had his entitlement wiped off :lol: :lol:

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