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Earplugs foam or moulded silicone ?

Discussion in 'General' started by hedgender, May 7, 2009.

  1. hedgender


    Thread Starter

    Hi all

    I ride my bikes everyday and use foam earplugs, have any of you experience of the custom made silicone ones ?
    are they any good ?
    Have seen a home made custom version on flea bay waddya think ?

    ATB John
  2. towser


    Location: Torryburn
    I got some made at the bike show a couple of years ago. When they work ,they work very well but they have an annoying habit of slipping very slightly out which then seems to channel even more sound into your ear than if you didn't have any in at all! They are more comfortable than some of the foam ones I've tried but I'm gradually going back to foam ones because I get rather annoyed having to take my helmet back off all the time. I may have been unlucky I don't know, or maybe I just need to put them in better.
  3. Edski675

    Edski675 Administrator Staff Member

    No experience - yet. However my hearing has got a lot worse, I had to go see a consultant. He told me to get some made so as to protect my poor bashed inner ears. I don't know whether I should be pissed off that I'm slowly losing my hearing or whether I should be pleased that I have had good hearing for so long :?:
  4. The ones made instantly at the shows are nothing like the quality of the ones you have to wait for. I am going to get mine ordered next week. I posted the link in another thread. They are not expensive at about £50.
  5. towser


    Location: Torryburn
    They just took a mould at the show. The ear plugs got sent through a few weeks later.
  6. Crikey - they were the good ones then :eek: They should fit you better than you describe.
  7. The Fridge

    The Fridge

    Location: Leeds
    maybe towser uve just been unlucky, maybe u slightly moved ur ears before the silicone set i dont no, seems funny that they slip out a little, u might just hav odd ears,(no offense). i'd ring the Co up and see what explanation they give.
    got mine 5 yrs ago from NEC show and waited over 2 wks to arrive in the post, and had no probs. cost me £80
  8. towser


    Location: Torryburn
    Yeah may have been unlucky , might just be a combination of circumstances,helmet etc. I will say that when they do work they work very well.
  9. Hi, I asked my brother about this as he is an ENT consultant surgeon. He said that there was no need to spend money on the moulded ones , that the throw away sponge ones were good enough.
  10. Whilst I agree, the moulded ones are much nicer and can be cleaned and therefore more hygeinic. I tend to keep rolling mine and stuffing them in and should replace them more often.
  11. I used ear plugs today for the first time on the D675. Can't hear any of the noises that make me paranoid any more!

    So does this mean that the rattles that other people talk about on this site are so loud that they can be heard through the plugs?

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