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Ebay selling advice required please

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Edski675, May 17, 2009.

  1. Edski675


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    I want to sell the jacket I bought for Fran (godson) - but I have never sold anything on ebay before. Here's the item:


    Any tips on how to word an ad, reserve, timing etc gratefully received.


  2. andysjt


    Location: staffordshire
    ed ,
    decide what you want to sell it for usually jackets go for around £40 for a good un
    show good clear photos ( no one will bid if you don’t show a photo or two )
    don’t set you start price or reserve too high as it will put people off , be honest in description list any faults if there are any , list it good points too ( colour , size , make , condition ) ,set a fair postage cost ,offer an upgrade for postage if they want ,& that they can collect at no cost ,
    state that you are a private seller & the reason you are selling ,( i.e. wife don’t like , too small , don’t have bike any more ect.) say you have good feed back ( if you have )
    and tell them they wont be disappointed with jacket

    important don’t forget to list it in the right category , you wouldn’t believe how many people list in wrong place or don’t say size or give photo also you pay more to eBay for listings in some categories find out the cost first
    lastly most people will want to pay by PayPal have you got an account set up ?
    if you need any further help let me know
  3. JDB


    Location: NW Hampshire, UK
    All good advice - also set it to finish at a sensible time - things sell better on a Sunday night, if not any other night say around 8pm. Not many people have the time to watch an auction at 11.15 in the morning so its a good time to buy and a poor time to sell.....
    Minimum reserve on EBay is £50 I recall.
  4. And dont forget to take a quick look at your "buyers" history before you let it go. You should be looking for around 100% in an ideal world. If the percentage is less see what the problem(s) was with them. It doesnt always mean a major problem, but be on the safe side.

    Also try to do your business using a PAYPAL account. Its a lot safer.

    Good luck ( ebayer since 2001 with a 100% positive feedback)
  5. Also or postage - things are sometimes heavier than you think.

    Check the weight out & what it actually costs rather than guessing.

    PS - what is the jacket ??? biking one ?
  6. Edski675


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    Yeah, it's a RST leather one. It's on the for sale section on here. Some way down the board now. I haven't had a minute to concentrate on doing the business yet so it's not on ebay yet. I'll do it at work tomoz. Thanks for the help everyone, I didn't have a clue (ie lacked confidence as everyone on ebay seems to speak a different language to me).

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