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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by redseven, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. redseven


    Thread Starter

    Location: Seax
    Today the council ripped out the local bus shelter. I'm kind of thinking is there is a government policy to help OAP's a shorter life by getting them soaked waiting for the bus via their free bus passes?
    ie: Bus company profits from less freeloaders?
    Local council profits from cutting down on pentions?
    Morbid and synical answers welcome.
  2. henrymc


    Location: lincoln
    you may have a valid point there redseven on what you say,
    plus more older people than the younger ones vote,
    so if the Goverment can reduce the numbers of older people then their will be less people to vote and they will have the chance to use the money we all pay in tax that is supposed to go towards our state pensions for all the things that they say the money needs to be spent on now,
    also less people voting means they get to screw us even more and make crap desisions on our behalf :x
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    You could have called this thread UK madness as each time I go ‘back home’ I'm horrified at some of the things I see/read/experience while there.
    It’s become the big brother that Orwell would be proud of, it really has.
    The mass transportation system is a shambles and removing bus shelters is the tip of the iceberg to be frank…

    Tangent time – Brown being in power due to Blair deciding he was going to save the world/middle east and join the catholic chapter of the god squad isn’t the reasoning behind having a deputy PM.
    Brown being an unelected leader of UK isn’t cricket and by not having an election displays a worrying disrespect for the electorate.
    Don’t get me started on Health and Safety and the British interpretation of it! :roll:
  4. crj


    Location: Staffs

    And whilst on the same topic, WTF is that Lord Meddlsome? I don't recall him being elected but he seems to think he can pontificate on any chosen political topic! FST!
  5. D41


    Location: Orange, CA
    Well, the House of Lords aren't elected at all as it's a hereditary title, but I defo agree with overseas (hey, that rhymes!) - each & every time I have been back to the UK over the last 20 years I've seen a gradual decline in the traditional British way of life & values...it's dis-heartening to say the least. I used to feel that on a trip to England I was coming 'home' for a while, these days I feel like I'm in a foreign country. 'Course, part of that is down to my assimilation with US culture etc. - but the British people themselves are the same!! The Blair/Brown junta has a lot to answer for IMO.
  6. henrymc


    Location: lincoln
    Blair/Brown are only a extension or evolution of what good old Maggie started,
    they saw what she done got votes from people by exploiting the bigest flaw in the human makeup,
    i notice these days that a lot of people do not help each other unless they think there is something in it for them,
    both Goverments and big buisness are only interested in useing the ordinary working man and woman to make them more profit,
    I think the idea that they have in America that a presedent can only be in office for two terms should apply here to prime ministers also,
    and yea when Blair resigned their should have been a election,

    :idea: I got a idea,
    disolve the House of Lords,
    take away all their titles,
    confascate all lands belonging to the desendants of the Robber barons,
    reform the Monarchy to something like they have in Holland and other countries in Europe,
    after all its not like the Roayls actuly do anything,
    but keep all the pomp and seromony for the tourists,
    also just think on all the money the Goverment could make if Buckingham Palace, Balmoral, StJames Palace, and all the rest were made into Hotel's,
    Judges should retire at the 65,
    Bring in the Chinese system of Punishment for Political and Financal corruption,
    Bush and Blair arrested for war crimes and tried in the Haige
    make work agencies ilegal then companies will have to employ people direct not through agencies,
    make all the scroungers on the dole work or they will get no money,
    those last two will sort out all the people who come here for work cos the lazy sods who we all pay for will be filling the vacant jobs,
    i know not everybody who is on the dole is work shy,

    Do people know that now that we have the car scrappage scheme in place that for every £1 that the goverment puts up towards the scheme that the Eu puts the same up,
    all redevelopment work carried out in disadvantaged areas of the country that the Goverment put's money towards is part funded to the same extent by the Eu
    they just do not want people to know this,
    its the only reason that i can figger for it as everywhere else in Europe where such schemes are run they put notices up to say so, France Germany Spain Holland Ireland and all the rest,
    all this about the Eu is checkable on the web,
    comments and suggestons welcome,
    hate male will be ignored :rotfl:
  7. D41


    Location: Orange, CA
    That must have been one hell of a bus shelter they ripped out!
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Same could be said about train services as I see that another Sunday service has been cancelled due to drivers not wanting to ‘work Sunday’s’

    It can’t be hard to replace them with folks who will work Sundays as their job is basically sitting on their arse all day as its not if they can lost or anything is it?

    Where is the loyalty to the public that basically keep them in work via ticket purchases!

    Britain’s ‘integrated’ mass transportation system is anything but that and should have never been privatised.

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