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First Scare Today

Discussion in 'General' started by keithspurs2000, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. keithspurs2000


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    Location: Market Drayton
    I had my first scare today lads however both myself and my bike are ok. My mate came off though doing about 50. He's ok thankfully. His bikes a bit broken but fixable. A car in front slammed on the brakes suddenly and I braked and knew I'd not get stopped so I let go and overtook 3cars on the white line. He braked hard and highsided onto the road. He's not hurt much just bruised his hip. No other cars were damaged.
  2. a change of underwear is in order i think. :eek: ..glad you and youre mate are ok though
  3. I had a big scare today also. I was overtaking down a perfectly straight road that I could see all the way down. So put it this way, I wasn't hanging around!!!!!

    The next thing, I hit a massive lump in the road that I'd not seen and I thought I was flying off the top., luckily I got it back and then slowed down till my nerve returned.

    I'm glad your mate is not too injured and very glad that you didn't come off.
  4. keithspurs2000


    Thread Starter

    Location: Market Drayton
  5. Edski675

    Edski675 Administrator Staff Member

    Where was this Keith? The bloke who came off, was he on the Barmouth trip? Which bike?
  6. keithspurs2000


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    Location: Market Drayton
    It was just south of Rhyl. yes he was there> The yellow and black Gixxer 750. There is not really a great deal of damage though. Tank got whacked and handlebar snapped off though. He was lucky and i was even luckier.
  7. SV_Justin


    Location: Kent
    Lumps in the road are lethal! I rode back to London from Wales the other week. I just wanted to get back so I took the motorway. After an hour of boredom I started to lose concentration and then from nowhere a HUGE lump in the outside lane of the M4. Lets just say it woke me up to say the least!
  8. Rowly


    Pleased to here you escaped disaster Keith, for me personally riding Bank holiday
    weekends is a no no, there are just to many bike unaware drivers out there so I
    choose to ride midweek, but on the subject of bumpy, lumpy potholed roads they
    are a bikers nightmare, the roads in this country are at their worst for years, and
    more likely to get even worse due to lack of government funding and the coldest
    winter for two decades, unless more of the tax take all us motorists have to pay
    is spent proportionally on repairs and stop this patch and make do culture then
    don't expect things to improve no time soon, sorry to go on about it but if this
    neglect were to happen on say French roads I'm sure they would protest in mass.
    I complained to my local council about the dangerous condition of the roads in
    my area, they stated that they have a machine that checks the road surface
    and any defects would be detected and repaired, what a load of tosh, still
    waiting for the potholes to be filled in. :x :x
  9. andysjt


    Location: staffordshire
    sorry to here about your mates off hope he will get back in the saddle soon ,i know how you feel

    about a month or so ago i also had a near miss & got away with it, my riding buddy did'nt get away with it.
    Pulling of my drive when the roads were wet & slippy ( and tyres cold ) i got a bit keen & wound the power on too much & did the most amazing slide i could see the back wheel then it got a grip & slid the other way ,how i stayed on i just dont know & right outside my house as well ( how Embarrassing ) i looked up to see a man walking his dog and looking at me as if i had done it on purpose , i just rode on swetting inside my leathers took about an hour for my arse hole to relax a bit .

    sadly my mate on his gixer 600 couldn't hold his and had a full on flip he was ok few lumps & bumps , his bike has now been fixed ,the usual new this & new that, bend this back , polish that ect few 100 quid

    but the real damage is he has lost his nerve a bit ,now he isnt sure if he wants to come to France wth us next month .
    i except that these two incidents were our own fault but shit happens , if the NOB next door had'nt parked halfway across our drive then it posibly wouldnt have happend but it did so that that

    think what i am saying is your mate could posibly need a bit of encouragment to get it back on the road
    wish you both well

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