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Fitted Frank Thomas Heated Grips today. Bliss

Discussion in 'How To's' started by Jap_Sti_3, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. Jap_Sti_3


    Thread Starter

    Location: Rochdale
    Fitted Frank Thomas Heated Grips today :geek: Took 3 hours with 3 coffee breaks and loads of photo's

    Well here goes.

    1. Set alarm in Ferry mode. Arm alarm, two flashes(indicating number of remotes allocated to alarm) then press grey button quick, indicators flash three more times. You can now crack on.

    2. Open box of tricks and this is what you get


    3. Tools required 5 mm Alan Key for fairing and tank, 8mm socket for Tank, Stanley knife for trimming and removing left grip.

    4. Remove two alen bolts at top of tank, next remove bolt that holds tank in place under seat. Removing brass insert, I used end of a screwdriver at an angle.


    5. Move tank over to one side, no need to take off fully just give yourself enough room to thread the cable along the same route as the wiring loom.



    6. Then have a look were you prefer the control box, I looked at two places before opting for the second First on the infill, then at the side of the clocks. Second won hands down.



    7. Time for a brew and pluck up courage to remove original grips well nervous as this is point of no return).

    8. Then it was off with bar ends, right side a doddle left the whole lot came out as the alan key would just not budge.


    9. The right grip just peeled ack and slid off but the left side would not move, so after half an hour of struggling out came Stanley to sort the stubborn git.


    10. At this point I removed the left in fill but this should really have been done sooner.

    11. I then slid the left grip on first, added the super glue and used a big plastic handled screwdriver to tap it home. Gutted got as far as the uber end and would not budge, had to twist it the rest of the way. Once on trim of the outer thin ring of rubber. I did it as I was putting it all back together but struggled do it now with no bar end in the way.


    12. Now to right side, Stanley in hand, trim of the 4 lips that hold the grip in place.


    13. Once off I screwed the Heated grip clockwise all the way to the top. At this point although the Frank Thomas looks good facing up you have to twist the grips forward so the end of the grips rubber which houses the wiring does not touch the brake or clutch leavers when operated.



    14. After another coffee, I then spent 20 minutes threading first the power supply lead along the wiring loom and cable tying it along the way. Then the front left grip cable, feeding it along the side of the wiring and cable running round the inside of the fork. Try full lock to lock to ensure nothing is tight. Lastly the right cable which again I ran along the other cables running to the left. Took lots of pictures but when you’re doing it all makes sense I hope! and the pictures show very little like this one.


    15. At this point I connected up the control unit. Attached cables to battery and had a test. Bingo Hot is not the word.

    16. I then cut a piece off the mounting bracket so it fitted in the fairing using a bolt to the left of the clock. Perfect fit once Stanley had shaved a bit off to get the sock over the bolt.

    17. Using belt and braces technique I used the glue pad and screws to mount the control unit on the bracket before bolting into position.


    18. On the home straight now, bolted the command unit in place, tucked the connectors down the inside of the fuses under the infill, replaced tank, seat and infill. Tried lock to lock and Frank Thomas Heated Grips. DONE!


    As a foot note, If I had not been taking notes, taking over 30 pictures, and supping coffee it would have taken no more than 2 hours from start to finish. I wasted half an hour trying to slide left gip off, thought I could keep it but not to be. Other than that I for one am really pleased with the finished item. What do you folks think?
  2. Jap_Sti_3


    Thread Starter

    Location: Rochdale
    Well could not resist, had a blast out last night. To my great suprise I was out 2 Hours at 0 dreees. Really please thow the fingers did suffer on the M62. :twisted:

    Just a couple of tips, you only need them on amber, setting two or your palms start to feel like they are on fire. :oops:

    Second when switching them on, if there is not enouph juice in the battery the Blue light flashes 5 times and they do not switch on, not a problem when engin running. Just cant wait to get ack out there now...... Damn Shopping :x

    Welll here's wishing EVERYONE a Great New Year :D
  3. Craig

    Craig Administrator Staff Member

    Location: Maidstone
    fantastic detailed guide, doesn't look too complicated. There's been many 'a' times after a short winter ride I've nearly died with piercing pain to the hands due to the coldness. Just looking forward to the summer, bring on the warmth! Happy new year to you as well! :)
  4. Thanks for an excellent description I will find this a great help when I finally get round to fitting the R&G heated grips I picked up at the NEC in December. My previous experience of removing or installing Standard Grips is the use of compressed air if you have access as this usually makes the job easy without damaging the grips :p
  5. SV_Justin


    Location: Kent
    Real men dont need heaed grips! I just wish I took the heated grips off my old bike before I sold it lol
  6. these look amazing!! did you need specific ones for the 675 or is it a one size fits all??
  7. Hey Jap, long time no see dude, didnt know u were back on board a 675. Hows things at your end dude?

    Are these to 'sport'version of the oxford heated grips of the normal ones?

    Hazza I think its one size fitz all.
  8. jimjam39


    Location: Wrexham
    I dont think he is back on a 675 Godzilla, look at the date of the first post. I remember when he first posted that up .
  9. sc00by


    Location: West Sussex
    did you wire direct from the battery? i did this on my old zx6r and the grips would come on without no one touching them and flatten the battery, next ones are going on the ignition circuit
  10. fkkr1s

    fkkr1s Moderator Staff Member

    Location: Planet Earth
    Don't think your going to get an answer, it's a very old thread ;)

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