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Gel Seat - Is it worth it?

Discussion in 'General' started by StuRowcliffe, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. StuRowcliffe


    Thread Starter

    Location: Southampton, UK
    Hey everyone,

    As you know i only got my 675 the other day, and after putting a fair few miles on it already, i am finding the seat to be quite narrow and uncomfortable after a while, if i move back to the wider part of the seat i just find my nuts get crushed the next time i hit the brakes or a pot hole!

    So i have heard rumours the gel seat is way more comfortable, but dont want to spend the £75 or whatever it is on a rumour! so was hoping someone with a gel seat can give me a comparison against the standard! Is it worth it?


  2. Stu


    Location: Leeds

    I've got a gel seat and it is an improvement but not a massive one. It comes good on long runs. Jean kept nicking mine on the way back for Mull. It's the same shape so I don't think it will help your daggly bits :)
  3. T9Steve


    Location: Somerset
    I purchased a 675 riders gel seat from Total Triumph at Taunton on saturday after for £63 instead of the list price of £83. If you go to their website and look at the ebay shop section you will see the seats on page 5.
  4. paws


    Location: Northants
    Ive got the gel seat and its not a HUGELY noticable difference, but i must admit i prefer the standard seat for track day use.
  5. Well worth the money imho
  6. kingfixer


    Location: bristol
    + 1 one of the best things i've bought
  7. I got one but didn't make a huge difference, the other problem is that coz I'm a girl I can sit quite snug up against the tank, but this means the corners of the seats rubbs tramendouly against the tank, thus the staples that hold the fabric to the seat have rubbed through the paint stright down to the tank, I've had to put aliminum tape under it an that dint look pretty on a black bike, looks like some one has stuffed his samich foil there! The other problem i have coz it's much thicker I have to wrestle to get the seat on and off and it drives me potty! But triumph are bringing out a new one which looks nicer, but the price probbly isn't!
  8. jimjam39


    Location: Wrexham
    They do actually do a "low gel seat", although I don't know anyone who has got one ! Anyone :?: :?:
  9. i've got admiral's old low gel seat.
    doesn't feel like a sofa, but nicely comfortable.
    also found the original uncomfortable on longer trips. no problems now.
    regarding height, not a huge difference i don't think, but again, I'm comfortable on the bike so probably not noticing all the little things that are "right".

    less concentration on any discomfort & more concentration on riding is always good.
  10. D41


    Location: Orange, CA
    Triumph dealers recently did a clear-out of a lot of Daytona 600/650 stuff - I got my gel seat for 8 quid!!

    Anyway, I really like it - not too much different from stock, but enough to be a noticeable improvement IMO.
  11. redseven


    Location: Seax
    Kind of dissagree on that one. Not all of us boy's are bulging in the groin department :?: 675 has a tall seat,I agree but black duct tape is better than ally tape on a black bike :idea:
    I find them more comfortable than an in line four, because of the narrow feel. It's more of a matter of riding position and after a while you tend to develop the muscles to suit. More a matter of getting used to it really.
  12. I splashed the cash and am much happier! I'm not the tallest person in the world and this made things a little bit better. It's also better in terms of comfort and performance. I feel it gives better feedback cornering to be honest!
  13. I splashed the cash and am much happier! I'm not the tallest person in the world and this made things a little bit better. It's also better in terms of comfort and performance. I feel it gives better feedback cornering to be honest!
  14. I have the "Low" Gel seat and I must say I love it.

    I swapped out the original pretty quickly and I was told that the lower seat would help with wrist aches. I am sure it is not the whole reason why, but soon after the aches disappeared.

    I have never had a numb arse and I have been on quite a few long rides
  15. henrymc


    Location: lincoln
    I have the standard seat and i got to say i have never had any problem with it.
    I also have done some long rides ie Lincoln in Lincolnshire to Poole in Dorset In one hit with only stopping for fuel and a coffee.
    Maybe i should change my user name to Iron Arse :erm: :rotfl:
  16. Hey Red seven I used aliminum tape coz the gaffa tape just rubbed off, the Ali tape is metal so stops the stapels rubbing any more
  17. Had the same problem as Hazza, but managed to get them to respray/touch up the tank under warranty as well as replace the pads covering the staples.

    Must say though, they were a bit bemused by my temporary solution - only padding i had was to stick some earplugs in, between staple & paint. the bright yellow ones, too...
  18. redseven


    Location: Seax
    " Hey you " back Hazza. Ally tape ,Duct tape whatever floats your boat.
  19. You guys back on the piercings subject again? :lol:
  20. henrymc


    Location: lincoln
    ;) my other half does the same thing :whistle:

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