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GROUP BUY? Tech Spec snake skins.

Discussion in 'General' started by mark mac, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. mark mac

    mark mac

    Thread Starter

    Location: Liverpool
    Right I'm posting this thread to gather interest for the Snake skin tank pads

    see the website for more info.


    to give you a rough idea of the cost...www.triumph675.net did a group buy and heres the details from their GB..


    I have the new costs and the and i have based them on todays exchange rate. I will report the exchange rate when i place the order so price may vary ever so slightly

    Ok postage per person will be approx £4.25
    If you have ordered a snakeskin it will be £26.50
    If you have order High fusion (troublemaker) it will be £24.50

    The only other thing to add is Royal Mail not sure what these will be until i get my hands on them.

    Just to highlight the main difference from my ealrlier post is that we are being charged extra for posting and the exchange rate is 0.625 instead of 0.610.
    If you ordered direct it would be over £39....."

    Andy are you still ok to help me out as this is my first group buy...

    So, Names down for Definates.

    1. Mark Mac
    2. Spike
  2. Shame there arnt any very good images on the siye. I am interested but want to see what they look like first.
  3. mark mac

    mark mac

    Thread Starter

    Location: Liverpool
  4. Ive seen that but I would like to see them irl tbh :)
    But thanks
  5. happy t5o show off mine if your close by, sorry i didnt get out monday, pretty sure im off upto settle tomorrow failing that hopefully the barn on sunday.

    Looking at some of the other guys bikes i tempted to say i may of got the wrong ones, not to sy they dont work but purely on looks alone, i still stand by my statement about it being the best mod i have bought
  6. im up for a set, anyone got a decent piccy of the high fusion ones...can i pay via paypal?
  7. kingfixer


    Location: bristol
    I have the high fusion ones on mine see 'my gallery'
  8. If you had your time again whcih would you have gone for?
  9. hindsight is a wonderfull thing!!

    I would probably go for the larger option and keep with the sankeskin option imho i dont think the HF ones do as good a job
  10. thanks kingfixer....think i prefer the snake skins

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