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GSG moto Clutch and Alternator Protector Installation

Discussion in 'How To's' started by Army_Roofus, Aug 2, 2008.

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    Hi All,

    My 1st post here. I thought I would share my experience with the installation of my GSG clutch/Alternator protectors on my Daytona 675.

    Step 1: Place your Bike on the rear stand in order to be able to aquire a straight line when performing the minor drilling that is required.

    Step 2: Drilling the left side bolt hole. In the picture below, you will see the bolt end inside the left side of the swing arm bolt. This depicts the distance needed to be drilled out in order for the GSG bolt to slide all the way through. 1 1/4 inch deep drilling required on the left side with a 8mm metal bit.


    Pull your GSG rod out and start your drilling. Hold the drill steady and straight, drill in the required depth. You wll know when you have made it, because the bit will give when it is through.


    Step3: Take the GSG bolt with the right side protector already installed as it came out of the package an slide it through the right side swing arm bolt opening. The bolt should go all the way through. If it does not, don't screw the bolt in. Redrill the hole and reem it a bit to get the bolt to slide all the way through easy.




    Step 4: Place the washer inside the left side puck and slide it onto the GSG bolt sticking out of the left side swing arm bolt. The washer may need help onto the bolt with a little finess screwdriver work.


    Step 5: Slip your locknut into your shallow socket with extension and insert it into the puck. Thread it carefully onto the bolt through the hole in the puck. It is a lock nut so you may need to keep the bolt from turning on the other side when tighting. Tighten the nut to 20 nm as requested in the instructions.


    Now you are done.

    **Make sure your feet and pants will not get caught on the pucks while riding or stopping. it is important for you to know if this is going to work for you or not. A lot of people have stopped using these and instead have moved to the woodcraft engine covers for this reason.**

    Here are some pictures of the finished install.


    Good luck.....Thanks for the opportunity to post.

  2. Craig

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    Fantastic, thanks for the guide and images. I'm sure other members will find this useful! Posts like this are always welcome here. Also welcome to 675.cc! :)

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