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Has anyone split their clock housing open?

Discussion in 'General' started by mark mac, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. mark mac

    mark mac

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    Location: Liverpool
    Just wondered if anyone has split their clock housing open....Reasons being that since buying mine in december my low fuel warning light doesn't work. the clocks have been sent for repair(through the dealer I bought it off-thorne superbikes-doncaster) and they reckon there was no fault, but the bike has since been to bill smiths were they used the diagnostic tool to force the led outputs on. all the others worked except the low fuel light. and using a spare set of clocks from a racebike they had for sale. the 2nd set of clocks worked fine on my bike. so its definately my led...
    I bought the bike with a 3month warranty and so it will be repaired at no cost to me..but thorne superbikes are dragging their heels about buying a brand new set of clocks for £700ish and are trying to source a salvaged set...

    I was wondering how easy a job it was to replace the LED. I'm an Instrument engineer by trade so shouldnt be a problem to me, but I am yet to try and split the clockset apart....

    I ran out of juice twice now..675's dont give you any warning! I find myself constantly resetting my trip mileage and filling up every 100miles....beginning to annoy me.

    If I get any info from here about the LED repair. I may attempt it. if not I think I'm going to push for a new clockset...I really want it done before I disappear around Oban with my Dad later this summer!

  2. Ive not done anything with the clocks on the Daytona, however I had a Speed Triple before, and took the back off the clocks on that, it was just held on by 3 bolts.
    All I can add is from the front the clocks and housing look the same but I cant go and have a look now until sunday afternoon.

    Sorry if this isnt too much help.
  3. RICH675


    Location: Merseyside
    I think I have read on an American site [675.NET] I think a thread about splitting clocks and changeing back lit colours and painting of surrounds. It was quite some time ago though.
  4. jim2


    took mine off a couple of weeks bk didnt take long take the front fairing off unplug it take out 2 mounting bolts its in your hand take the srews out the back n bobs your uncle there in bits gonna strip mine again soon to paint the gauges
    cheers jim

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