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Headlights again

Discussion in 'General' started by Edski675, Dec 5, 2009.

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    I've got some HIDs but I can't work out how to fit the damn things :roll: So as a temporary measure I was looking for brighter ornery bulbs, found the H7s in Halfrauds on BOGOF but I couldn't find the H9, asked on their website and this is what they said:

    http://answers.halfords.com/answers/402 ... stions.htm

    Anyone know where I can get one? Pref 90% brighter to match the H7?
  2. Edski675


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  3. henrymc


    Location: lincoln
    I picked up a set of Osram bulbs at the NEC, the blue ones,
    I would think if you tried Demon Tweaks, in Wrexham industrial estate Ed,
    by the way the post code for Demon Tweaks will not come up on your sat nav, :erm:
    in case you thought to drop in there, you will have to call or use a map for directions,
    Tis a labyrinth of roads on that industrial estate.
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    What make are the HID's. The hardest bit should be mounting the ballast. but apart from that its a plug and play device like putting a filter on your broadband.

    Maybe we can have a how to section on here so if people feel obliging they can do step by step photos if fitting stuff and post on here for reference to other users.

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