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hiya (newbie help!!)

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by mrjoneski, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. mrjoneski


    Thread Starter

    glad i found this site,really good!!
    i've been riding about 12months (legally,not on a field) now and am currently riding a P reg 600 bandit,that i love, but need more!!
    i love the looks etc of the daytona 675 but need a few answers!!
    looking at an 06/07 model!
    are they as uncomfy as ive read?
    i'm 6ft and nearly 17 stone will the bike look like a 125cc when i'm sat on it?will it pull with me on ok?
    any reports of unreliability?
    will i want something bigger after 12months?
    many many thanks!!
  2. The best thing you can do buddy is go and test ride one.. There are no reliability issues. The ride is focussed and the steering quick. Its a race bike. Need I say more :D For what its worth, I'm on my 14th bike in 8 years. If I had bought this when they first came out I would have avoided at least 4 bikes. trouble was, I couldn't afford it :D You will find the 675 starnge, and like a missile after a Bandit.

    Good luck.
  3. kingfixer


    Location: bristol

    I am 6ft 1 and 16 stone :eek: and i have no problems with the 675 and recently went through France & Spain with no problems. But it is personal preference after all.
  4. mrjoneski


    Thread Starter

    thanks a lot !
    deffo want one!
    depends on my px price,bike price and interest rates!!
    and if i can save a bit up!!
  5. Edski675

    Edski675 Administrator Staff Member

    Buy one, you won't regret it. Fantastic bikes.

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