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How not to clean your chain!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by miker, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. miker


    Thread Starter

    Location: East lothian
    Sorry guys take a look at this link!!!!


    I will start off by saying that I am a worthless squid rookie and I suck at everything in life.
    I was about to go for a ride today and my chain was pretty nasty, so I put it up on the stands and got out the wd-40 and a rag. I started the bike, put it in gear and let it idle. I sprayed the chain down really well and I put the rag up to it and it got caught and took my hand with it through the rear sprocket. I had to have everything above my last joint amputated on my index, pointer and my ring finger on my right hand. Thankfully I am left handed. It was a stupid mistake on my part and now I will forever pay the price for it. Say what you will, flame away, I don't care. I have accepted it and I take full responsibility. I made a choice (not knowing any better) and I will live with the consequences for the rest of my life. I thought I would post this so that 1.) no one else ever makes this mistake and 2.) To show that you don't have to be riding for a bike to get you hurt.


    One of you guy who know how to use the forum better may be able to present this better!
  2. Rowly


    Hi Miker, Thats certainly an experience that I would not like to go through and if it stops
    anyone else making the same mistake your trauma and pain will serve to warn others of
    the dangers of what would seem a simple part of motorcycle maintenance.
  3. miker


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    Location: East lothian
    Sorry I should have made it clear this is not me!

    Just thought others should see it because I think everyone has done somthing similar but not had this happen!
  4. Edski675

    Edski675 Administrator Staff Member

    This caused a row on the SV site cos the site has a U rating and some thought the pics too gory. So a mod asked the poster to remove the pics, and that led to a debate on the U rating and whether the site is a democracy etc. I thought it was ridiculous.

    Perhaps we all have to pretend that blood and guts don't really happen...
  5. andysjt


    Location: staffordshire
    ya I sussed it weren’t you , as a general rule if I work on the bike or car I try to do everything I need to when its off .

    having said that i once drilled though a piece of wood that i was holding trouble was it also drilled into the palm of my hand .... very painful & took a long time to heal

    but the best one was trying to open out a hole in a metal box again holding the box and the drill picked up & spun the box ,when I let go my middle finger was cut to the bone 3/4 around & hanging at 45 degrees.........anyway after a trip to the hossie & 15 stitches, it was at least pointing the right way although by now grossly swollen, my misses called it my Franken finger ,it took about 6 months to heal properly & 2 years for the full feeling to return. I couldnt ride my bike for 2 months as I couldn’t operate the clutch

    so DIY ers be careful sometimes its easier to take it to the garage
  6. there is something to be said for scott oilers ...that gotta hurt...LOTS
  7. Ouch, :eek: I know how it feels, sort of - Ripped off my finger on a goalpost hook. Bloody wedding ring caught in the hook and ripped it clean off. You will get by mate so good luck with that. :smileup:

    On the subject of chain cleaning - You should never use WD40 as it disolves the oil in the O` rings etc.

    Good wee tip is to get some clean oil on 2 toothbrushes and hold them together either side of the chain. Dry off with a rag - NOT with the bike in gear and running on a paddock stand. :binge:

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