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I bought a Triumph and I am living a BAD dream...

Discussion in 'General' started by Leandro Ramos, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. Leandro Ramos

    Leandro Ramos

    Thread Starter

    Location: Australia
    I bought a Daytona 675 (VIN number: SMTTMD10668333353) six months ago, and after two months it broke down. I found out that it has got a recall related to the power supplier (Regulator / Rectifier). The wires from its stator to the rectifier was getting melted.
    The recall called us to replace the rectifier and that what the dealer did (Invoice Attached). They have replaced the rectifier and fixed the connector from the Stator, and they charged me arguing that it was not part of the recall. I paid it.
    I took it to the dealer on 5th January 2018, and after one hour it came to me nice and ready to go, and I thought ... "Yes it`s perfect now it won't let me down" but the bike after one month broke down again and surprisingly with the same issue.
    Today I went to the dealer, and they said "That problem is on its STATOR which Triumph does not mention in the recall so we can not do anything, send them an email to them."
    They said the early Stators came with weak wires which not enough to support the Stator voltage.
    I do not think that I should not be a "genius" to see that the STATOR is the cause and not the consequence of the issue (melting its wires and rectifier`s wires).
    I claimed the dealer again to ask Triumph manufacturer to do the recall properly on 13 March. The dealer contacted Triumph and today they just rang me to say " Triumph has been rejected your required, they said your bike is too old... "
    I have had others Japanese ( Honda and Yamaha ) motorcycles oldest then my Triumph and never had this issue.
    This is clearly Triumph manufacturing failure and the recall just replace the consequence instead of the cause.
    Triumph responsibilities have an expiring date.
    Thanks Triumph
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  2. Captain Steffydog

    Captain Steffydog Moderator Staff Member

    Location: East London/Essex
    The RR was quite common, although it took years before a global recall was issued.

    I doubt most bikes were ever done, as they didn’t all fail. Just quite a few, can’t say I’m aware of your issue though!

    I doubt your dealer actually contacted Triumph, as they are lazy, it’s not there bike, and they make no money from warranty work, as they are paid a very small labour fee from Triumph, so they don’t want that kind of job, obviously.

    Personally, I’d write a letter or email to Triumph myself, as I’ve had issues with bikes, and the dealer did nothing, as they honestly don’t care, yet my email has always resulted in work being done, for free!

    Gas tank swopped
    Fairing swopped
    Mudguard swopped
    Seat swopped, all separate instances, and over two bikes, and every time it was my emails, not the dealer that got stuff done.

    Triumph Motorcycles Limited
    Normandy Way
    LE10 3BZ
    United Kingdom

    [email protected]

    ‭+44 (0) 1455 251700‬

    That’s my shout, good luck :)
  3. Red675


    Location: Angola
    Stick up a "stator wanted" post on here to save you he stress of dealing with dickhead dealers.
  4. scaramanga


    Location: whitehaven
    the faulty reg/rec will have overloaded the stator so as with others that' had it replaced they should cover it
  5. I'm with steffydog on this one.
    Email Triumph direct. They are more interested in keeping ur custom and more likely to show good faith. Plus you don't wanna get rid of the Daytona. Because it's awesome.
  6. rwoodcock01


    Location: England
    I will agree with what has been said already my 2006 Daytona is back in the garage after getting the faulty reg/rec problem myself, had her back less than a week but I always knew this might be an issue at some point my accident over Christmas may have contributed to the problem who knows.

    To be fair the bike is awesome you just had a bit of a streak of bad luck, my local garage are getting in a new Reg/Rec and new wiring and doing a complete overhaul so glad I have a spare bike.

    Hang in there mate, it will be worth the wait.


  7. SW73


    Location: Sunderland
    What @SteffyDog and @scaramanga said. I've had this bother twice. Dealer hopeless. Triumph excellent. RR fails and takes out the stator. All replaced free of charge outside of warranty. Good luck

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