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I really am off now

Discussion in 'General' started by Admiral Nelson, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. Admiral Nelson

    Admiral Nelson

    Thread Starter

    Location: Plymouth
    Hey Guys

    I said it before - I love the 675 on the track. On the road it is a pain at slow speeds. I ride it and hunt down the next car/bike to pass and end up rushing everywhere from A to B. I have been thinking of selling for a while and am moving away from Sports bikes.

    I still have the following for sale:

    Gel low seat

    I am putting the Triumph Carbon hugger back on so the black Skidmarx is up for grabs.

    Carbon end cap for the standard exhaust.

    Triumph off road can - like new

    In fact all bits are like new.

    I am off to pastures new and will probable not ride with any of you again.

    Nice to have known you. PM me for details of shiny bits. :D

  2. Edski675

    Edski675 Administrator Staff Member

    All the best Kev.
  3. Craig

    Craig Administrator Staff Member

    Location: Maidstone
    Sorry to see you move away from sports bikes, you're always welcome back here with or without a 675. :) All the best.
  4. who am i gonna ride with now ? :(
  5. kingfixer


    Location: bristol
    Your not Billy no mates now are you Nige !! :lol:
  6. its getting that way mick, only one other left in plymouth now...think ill buy an sv and join their site :lol:
  7. Edski675

    Edski675 Administrator Staff Member

    there's no escaping Nige, I post on there too :lol:
  8. oh bugger :lol: what sites aint you on :D
  9. Admiral Nelson

    Admiral Nelson

    Thread Starter

    Location: Plymouth
    I hope I am still welcome on here.....

    even though from Saturday I will ride a Harley Davidson

    updated garage clear out..

    Forcefield pro back protector (as recommended by Ride) as new £60

    Baglux black city trail bag as new £35

    Front paddock stand (under forks) £10 collect only

    rear paddock stand (cups and hooks) £10 collect only

    GB Racing armour (3 bits) for 675 £90

    Alpinestars strike 2 piece leathers 6 months old. Red/black Great condition. Size 32 waist inside leg 28-32 Jacket 38-40 jacket
    Complete with very scuffed sliders or new if you prefer

    Alpinestars scuffed sliders (for you knee down wannabes) £10

    Red/black Alpinestars SP2 gloves (large) £35

    size 8 red/black Oxtar TCS torsion boots £20

    size 8 black gortex Oxtar TCS torsion as above £20

    The image below was taken at Donington Park at D600.org trackday. This photo appears P84 of November 2009 Ride magazine

  10. henrymc


    Location: lincoln
    Hi Admiral, you can corner like that! and you are buying a bike that can't go around corners?
    are you sure you have thought this through proper?
    no offence intended,
    why not a street trip,
    same engine and chassie as a 675 but not so focused,
  11. spike


    Location: oswestry
    sorry to see you go nelly, and i am sure you will regret trading the 675 in lol
    but dont be a stranger m8
  12. Admiral Nelson

    Admiral Nelson

    Thread Starter

    Location: Plymouth

    I have had naked bikes before and ride them the same - too quick. I quickly get pissed off due to lack of a fairing. A complete change was required hence the cruiser. Besides which, my 9 lives would run out sooner than later. I've done 4 trackdays this year - more than some do in a lifetime. I may do some again in either a hired bike or but a cheaper track hack next year :D

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